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Ask The Green Mama: Alternative, healthier chew toys

I live in Germany and I am curious about finding an alternative to the usual plastic, frozen, chew toys used when teething. Any information would be most helpful.

And, my auntie Marie sent me your book! Loved it!  Thank you!


Ah, I remember that time: teething. There are safer options than you may realize, no matter where you live. After all, children have been teething since time immemorial. Here are a few of my favourite alternative chew toys:

1. Organic cotton chew dolls (so think of those sort of terry cloth little stuffies or nap dolls that you’ve seen). Kids love chewing on these, they also collect the slobber, you can wet and freeze them as well.
2. All natural, edible finishes, wooden toys. Rattles, rings, whatever you can find and like. You just need one. Kids love these and they can come as wooden rattles, wooden rings, or other shapes, sizes.
3. Stainless steel or silver rattles, chew toys, etc.  A cheap option can be a spoon. You can also make these cold.

And, of course, you can also just give the kid a carrot. And if you are really struggling with teething (or even if you aren’t) the amber or hazelwood necklaces are awesome for this! I also used to give my babies homeopathic teething tablets to help.

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