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Green Mama-to-Be

The Green Mama’s newest book Green Mama-to-Be.

See inside the newest Green Mama book, Green Mama-to-Be …  Here.

“I wish I’d known that when I was pregnant!”

It’s a feeling all parents know: Wanting to keep our children safe and thriving in a risky world. What happens during pregnancy sets the stage for the rest of a child’s life, so the Green Mama is here to help make this period healthier, happier, and toxin-free for both mother-to-be and baby.

Infertility? Swollen ankles? Difficult birth? Toxins hurting your baby? Most expectant parents think, “It won’t happen to me!” And they all pray, “Not my baby.” But from conception through to birth, families today aren’t getting what they expect — or expecting what they get.

What parents crave is one part health researcher and one part caring grandma, someone to help clear the path through an increasingly cluttered, busy, and toxic world. The Green Mama speaks to scientists, researchers, and mothers to find out what issues, decisions, and avoidable dangers have the greatest impact on our children’s health. Sweeping away the confusion, she brings trusted advice for today’s expecting parents. Full of gentle guidance, humour, and a trove of specific advice from dependable sources, Green Mama-to-Be is the essential guide for today’s expectant parent.

The Green Mama helps parents — and expectant parents — become what they were always meant to be: experts on caring for their own children.

The Green Mama books have received rave reviews from parents, environmentalists and journalists alike. You can get the newest book at your local bookstore, select Walmarts across Canada,, or through Amazon: links below.

Shop for Green Mama-to-Be: Creating a Happy, Healthy, and Toxin-Free Pregnancy on Amazon Canada or on at Green Mama-to-Be: Creating a Happy, Healthy, and Toxin-Free Pregnancy.

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