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Natural Teething

Homeopathic Remedies

Camilia and pulsatilla are two homeopathic remedies recommended for teething tots. I love the ease of the Boiron Camilia unit dose squeeze pouches. Its more natural and faster to administer than infant tylenol or advil and I have had great success with its effectiveness.

You can also cold brew some soothing chamomile tea to give to your child if you don’t have any homeopathic preparations on hand.

Amber / Hazelwood

Amber and Hazelwood necklaces/bracelettes offer relief from teething pain when they come in contact with the wearers warm skin. The Amber releases succinct acid which is a natural analgesic. Hazelwood has been used for centuries by North American Aboriginals. The hazelwood balances acidity in the body, leading to pain relief.  You can read our in depth review of Pure Hazelwood and Healing Amber.

Teething toys & Chewllery

Amber and Hazlewood necklaces are NOT to be chewed by our teething tots. If you are looking to provide your babe with physical relief from chomping down on something there are a variety of cool new teething products. From “Chewllery” (thats jewellery meant to be  worn by mama, and chewed on by kiddos, made of silicone or wood) to teething toys and rattles there are lots of options. We love Mama and Little Jewllery and Ernest Efforts Teething Rattles.


Frozen Things

An old fashioned time tested teething reliever is to give your desperate teether something frozen. You don’t need to buy plastic teething rings for your freezer. You can soak a cloth in water and twist it into a ring and freeze. Another tip we love is to freeze fresh fruit for a soothing treat. I also find that teething children loose their appetites during intense teething. I love to cook small chunks of organic veggies like squash or carrots and then freeze them. This does double duty, nourishing and soothing.


Combating secondary teething dilemmas

Sometimes the ancillary ailments that go along with teething can be more uncomfortable than actually cutting teeth. Some children suffer from fever, rashes, headaches, loose stools and more. Make sure you keep your natural first aid kit stocked in the even that secondary issues crop up.

Diaper Rash

Some of our favourite Diaper Rash Creams are made by Neitra, Matraea and Erbaviva. We also love pure coconut oil as a natural diaper rash ointment. Just make sure you use a liner or go diaper free if you are using salves and creams with certain brands of cloth diapers.


Light fevers can be transformative and often don’t need too much treatment. If your child has a low fever make sure to keep them hydrates with water. You can also make up a cooling drink like iced mint tea.

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