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Painted Turtle Wooden Rattle

I was given A Painted Turtle Wooded Rattle as a gift when my son was a newborn. I loved it even before he could play with it! It is as beautiful as it is fun.

What's To Love?:

  • Canadian made from wood to finish, totally non-toxic
  • Family run business
  • Beautifully designed heirloom pieces


Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

When choosing wooden toys it is important to note that they are not all ‘healthy’ just because they are made of wood. Many finishes, paints, and glues can be just as toxic as the plastic that you were avoiding in the first place!

Painted Turtle is committed to only using the highest quality and safest materials. From certified organic hemp-seed oil as a finish to FDA food-safe glues, they ensure that their toys are not going to make your little one sick.

Design Rating:

The Painted Turtle Wooden Rattles are beautifully designed. I love the delicate sound made by the popcorn kernels (!!!!) inside. The smooth round finish also served double duty as a teething toy when Henry was getting his first teeth. I tend to pass toys on once he has outgrown them but I plan to keep this rattle on the shelf in his room even after it has lost its appeal– it’s that pretty!


Social Rating:

In addition to being a Canadian family run business, Painted Turtle donates 2% of all sales to The Sick Kids Foundation.

Carbon Rating:

All of the materials used in the creation of each rattle are sourced from Canada and manufactured here as well. This helps to reduce carbon emissions in comparison to many larger commercial wooden toy companies that use materials and labour from around the globe.

Waste Rating:

This timeless handcrafted rattle is durable enough to withstand generations of play. Selecting beautiful and useful locally made toys and creating a curated toy collection for your babes means less broken and thrown away plastic objects. Simple wooden toys also help stimulate imagination and creative play more than their light-up battery-operated counterparts.

Value Rating:

At around 30$ each, these wooden rattles are more expensive than plastic ones, but are well worth the splurge. From wood, to oil, to labour, all of the money spent helps support Canadian makers and artisans.