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Pure Hazelwood Necklace


Pure Hazelwood is a Canadian company that produces healing jewellery made of Hazelwood. The company was born in 1997, and like so many of the amazing products we feature ,Pure Hazelwood was created by new parents who were searching for the perfect remedy for their child and couldn’t find it. To meet their needs they designed and created their own! The company has been steadily growing ever since and is now an award-winning mainstay in the natural healing world.

I have been using the hazel wood bracelet to treat my arthritis and my son had been using the necklace for teething. We’ve been testing out the product for a few months and have noticeably seen a decrease in our symptoms.


Photo Via Pure Hazelwood


What's To Love?:

– Canadian made product and company

– Safe and effective for treatment of a variety of symptoms

– Funding independent research to fully understand the potential of their product

– Affordable

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Hazelwood has been used as a natural way for centuries to treat a myriad of health concerns from eczema to inflammation to  teething. Since it is a potent topical remedy it can be used by babies too young to try other oral natural remedies. This is great news for parents with teething babies !

Even though Hazelwood has been around for centuries and has been used with great result there still isn’t a lot of support for its healing powers within the medical community.

Pure Hazelwood understands why many complimentary and natural traditional remedies seem to take the backseat to western medicine; they are often not backed by randomized control trials, the gold standard of efficacy and safety in the modern scientific community. Instead of lamenting this fact or waiting for research to back their claims they have started their own research and development company and have invested over 1 million dollars in this aspect of their operations.

Design Rating:

I love how something as utilitarian as natural medicine can still be fashionable and fun! Pure Hazelwood has made stylish accessories that could be worn regardless of their healing properties. They are very well made and I never had concerns about my son or myself wearing the necklaces.

Social Rating:

Pure Hazelwood is making great strides in the field of natural medicine. Their research efforts are positively shifting the paradigm and helping put hazel wood and other natural healing products on the mainstream’s radar.

Pure Hazelwood was born out of an idea passed onto the founders in the form of an Aboriginal teething necklace. We would love to see Pure Hazelwood move towards a place where they are giving back to the community supporting the people who gave them the inspiration for this product.

Carbon Rating:

The Boreal forest, where Pure Hazelwood sources the material for its product, is the single greatest terrestrial air purifier on the planet. By extracting this resource and demonstrating its power, Pure Hazelwood helps to champion this important carbon sink.

Waste Rating:

Pure Hazelwood is made from natural and biodegradable materials which means that when you are finished with your product it will not harshly impact the earth by sitting in a landfill for eons.

Value Rating:

Pure Hazelwood is an affordable natural remedy. Many Hazelwood fans would gladly pay much more for such an effective product. They recommend that you change your Pure Hazelwood jewellery every 3-6 months if you are wearing it regularly.