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The Review Process

Why I Do Reviews?
I got into reviews by accident. After working for about 20 years in the green world as an eco-designer, writer, researcher, and consultant, I had a lot of information to share. I found when I was giving talks or writing, that people loved to learn “the truth” about things. I commonly get questions such as does it save more money to run your AC on low all day or turn it up after you get home, what is the healthiest option for a baby that can’t be breastfed, how can a daycare create a truly healthy facility from start to operation, and–of course–which companies and products are truly green/healthy/natural and which are just faking it.  And people wanted names. It turns out that as I was doing tons of research, raising kids, consulting with daycares, and otherwise being The Green Mama, I had a lot of specifics on which products/companies/ideas were truly great and which ones aren’t as great. Thus, The Green Mama Review were born and now I have a small team of talented women and men to help do the research, reviewing, and writing.

It’s a big market, but it’s more than that…
The Green Mama’s readers make up the highly lucrative eco-curious parent market, worth over $1.2 trillion annually (EcoFocus WorldWide). Our readers are first and foremost people. We help them become even more discerning in their lifestyle practices and in the information and products that the “consume.” Our readers trust us and they don’t want to be blindly marketed too and most of us are trying to get away from “stuff” and towards more health, celebration, and consciously-spent family time. So, we focus on finding the best and connecting our readers to the story behind what makes this product/service/idea good enough for their families.

What will your review involve?
We evaluate the full life cycle of all products and services including:
•    health aspects (what might enter the body or environment)
•    overall design and functionality (is it beautiful, clever, easy to use)
•    social responsibility (where is it made, by whom, in what kinds of conditions, is the company giving-back to the world through profits or policies)
•    overall carbon footprint (of production, transportation, use)
•    waste (in packaging, use, and production)
•    overall value (necessity and overall “green-ness” above in relation to cost).
The items will typically receive 1 to 5 “green leaves”—the more the better—in each category and an overall rating. The best in category, will be eligible to receive the Green Mama Approved trust mark and additional benefits. We invite you to use and advertise your Green Mama Approved status for as long as your business or product remains as is.

Green Mama Approved
When we love something we like to talk about it. We talk about the products/companies/ideas we love on social media, in articles on our website and in print in such magazines as EcoParent Magazine, and in the Green Mama books. The green tribe is loyal and we love to support our friends.
If your product/company/idea is “Green Mama Approved” you are also welcome to advertise with us. We only take advertising from our Green Mama Approved tribe and we make it very affordable.

The kinds of things we don’t review

  • Apps for children (Screen time is directly related to neurological disorders in kids developing brains. So, unless it is specifically for helping with learning disabilities, forget it.)
  • Plastic things you stick to your car to remind you to check for your baby
  • Conventional skincare products that don’t fair well on the SkinDeep database
  • Conventional anything that’s only claim to fame is that it is “recyclable” “gives money to cancer research” “donates (awful food) to poor families” but contains known or suspected toxins.
  • What we need
    Send us an email to reviews at thegreenmama dot com.
  • Then, we will need a sample or two of the product.  (We will need you to read carefully the instructions on how to send it to our Master Reviewer so it doesn’t accrue duties or get lost on the way.)
  • We will need at least six week of review time.
  • And we will need as much information as you can give as to the ethical, green, and health implications from cradle to grave.
  • Besides that, it’s free and easy, and hopefully really fun!
  • Oh, and we really like it if you take a minute to sign up for our totally kick-ass newsletter.
  • And find us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, by clicking the link or looking for “thegreenmama.” Share the love!

If we are interested we will be in touch shortly with more information on how to get your sample to us.

Thank you very much for all you do to help make the world a better place.


Founder, Author, Chief Mama at The Green Mama