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Mama & Little Teething Necklace

Mama and Little is a Washington-based teething Jewellery line founded in 2014 by a savvy mama. Like so many great indispensable baby necessities, Mama and Little was created to fill a gap in the market when founder Arleene couldn’t find a practical and fashionable teething solution.

They are also the founders of the coveted (and oft imitated) hexagon shaped bead that is so popular and stylish for modern mamas.

What's To Love?:


  • High-quality 100% food-grade silicone
  • FDA-approved; non-toxic. No- BPA, PVC, phthalate, cadmium, latex, lead, or heavy metals
  • Totally stylish, teething and beyond !
  • Mama and papa-run business
  • Locally designed in Washington


Health Rating:

There is conflicting research on the internet and amongst health care professionals on the safety of silicon products. It is often touted as the healthy alternative to plastics, and is especially well used in the world of children’s products for its durability.

Most of the negative feedback about silicon stems from the possibility of chemicals leaching out during the natural breakdown of the material overtime. Store you silicon teething necklaces and other silicon products away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Replace every six months or so if they are being heavily used.

The EWG describes silicon baby products as “durable and inert” which is a positive sign since they tend to be a reliable source of aggregated information, but as with any “new” substance it is wise to do your own independent research.

Design Rating:

Mama and Little teething necklaces excel in the design department. They are far ahead of the pack in terms of colours, shapes, and styles. They have so many colour pallets and designs there is something for every mama.

I wore mine out without my teething baby and got compliments ! 🙂 The perfect balance of trend and function.

The attention to detail is evident. They have exposed cord around the neck (to ensure your hair doesn’t get caught)  and easy open clasp to ensure that if a strong little one wants to tug the necklace will snap open and off, not choke the wearer.

Social Rating:

This family run small business is constantly partnering with other small brands, writers, bloggers and causes. They have a community minded spirit and a stellar product.

Value Rating:

The entire line ranges from $10-25 USD, which is affordable and on par for teething jewellery. They ship world-wide from their online shop and can be found in retail shops.