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Holistic Travel Medicine for Kids: The Green Mama’s Guatemalan Adventures

Traveling in the Third World with Kids: Creating a Natural Medicine Travel Kit


My biggest worry about living in Guatemala was how do I keep my children healthy in the developing world?  I am a big user of naturopathic medicine so I wanted to create a kit that would include homeopathy, herbs, and some Emergency medicines (like an appropriate antibiotic for kids, a kid epiPen, and some kid Tylenol). Oh, and Gravol (which I always said I would never use, but after one car ride with Exorcist like-project vomitting from both children, synchronized and in unison, I have since become a fan.)

I also did some homeopathic vaccinations. My personal take on most childhood illnesses (like Chicken Pox and Rubella) are that they do not pose a substantial risk to the long-term health of my children as long as they get them before they are teenagers. But, I chose to do a few homeopathic vaccines for things that I didn’t want to deal with now (or, perhaps, ever). Homeopathic vaccines don’t have any down sides, so though there hasn’t been a lot of science proving their efficacy, there is also no physical harm from taking them. Learn more about homeopathic vaccines for childhood illnesses and common traveller’s diseases at this informative site:

The Basic Homeopathic Medicine Travel Kit

My naturapath recommended the following basic homeopathic remedies:

arnica/ traumeel – bruises, inflammation

apis – any bee sting or insect bite, hives  (ledum is one to consider for deeper bites – used this well with infected cat bite)

chamomilla – ear infections, teething pain (good kids remedy)

drosera – hacking painful cough

bryonia – very dry cough, tendonitis

pulsatilla – any infection that they are very clingy, conjunctivitis with green goopy discharge (another good kids remedy)

influenzinum – any cough that won’t clear after a cold, first sign of a flu, flu prevention

oscillococcinum – flu and prevention of flu

belladonna – one of top 2 remedies for fever, or any pain that is swollen red hot (used it very well for a skin infection)

aconite – one of top 2 remedies for fevers and pain, esp with sudden onset

arsenicum album – food poisoning

Here is a link to some indications for these, and other, remedies:

For an expanded kit she also recommended asking your naturopath about using Pleo Not (for staph, strep) and Pleo Quent (viruses) by Sanum, and about the possibility of using Berberis capsules almost like an herbal antibiotic. Also ask your doctor about Unda 2, 15, and 37 as general treatment for any infection, inflammation, fever, tonsillitis; Echinacea, and Throat Mist by wise women.

Here are some articles by Dr. Nari Pidutti about a wide-range of homeopathics and their indications and hydrotherapy instructions.

Other things I am glad I brought

For skin: I brought Tea Tree Oil, Oil of Oregano, and natural bug repellant and really good, chemical-free Sunscreen.

Basics: I also took, thank goodness, some natural shampoo and conditioner, Dr. Bronners, and my own that-time-of-the-month stuff: The Keeper and cloth pads. Oh, and lots of Rescue Remedy for the flight, for driving, etc.

In hindsight I wish I would have also brought: band-aids, natural lice treatment AND a really good gnit comb. And some more natural anti-itch cream. Can’t have enough of that stuff in Guatemala

We all managed to stay pretty healthy.  Overall, it was probably a wash. We traded sinus infections, flus and colds (common in the North American winter) for giardia (me), two bouts of vomiting all over the bed (Zella), and other childhood illnesses. Such as…

A little preview photo of what is to come…

The diagnosis…..

Chicken Pox

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