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Home Ec: How to Detoxify your Personal Lubricant, Find Healthier Options, and Make Your Own Organic Lube


It’s gross: we add some of the most researched toxins to our personal lubricants including known irritants, cancer-causers, and even an ingredient in anti-freeze. None of these ingredients help the health of a woman and some can significantly harm fertility or make a woman more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

In particular watch out for these ingredients:

  • Chlorhexidine which can cause irritation and may be toxic.
  • Glycerin is a form of sugar and while relatively mild can increase the incidence of candida and vaginal yeast infections
  • Parabens are synthetic preservations which can mess with hormones and may increase breast cancer risk
  • Petroleum or petroleum by-products and silicone-based ingredients (including methyl polysiloxane and dimethicone) can interrupt your skins normal functioning and may even be linked to cancer
  • Phenoxyethanol can irritate the skin and in high concentrations may cause reproductive damage
  • Propylene glycol is also used in antifreeze and perhaps it’s not a surprise that it can cause tissue irritation and may be toxic

DIY Natural Lubricant

Making your own natural lubricant is s

uper easy. It can be as easy as using natural edible oils such as

  • canola (which Dr. Oz calls “sperm-friendly”),
  • olive oil,
  • cocoa butter (my favourite because it smells amazing and warms up in your hands to glide on easily)

Oils aren’t good for latex condoms. So, for you folks using latex condoms:

  • aloe vera gel
  • plain yogourt
  • or simply use your own saliva


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