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Ask The Green Mama: Real vs Plastic Christmas Tree?

Is it better for the environment to get a real tree or a fake tree? If the fake tree lasts many years I wonder if in the long run that’s better?

Nari from Vancouver

Dear Nari,

The VERY short answer is a real tree. Hands down. The plastic is so detrimental and not actually recyclable and detrimental to your indoor air quality. Read more about WHY on a blog I did about it: How to Choose the Greenest Christmas Tree.

There are services now where you RENT a live tree for the season. This services tend to be very popular, so start early. There are also places that raise organic Christmas Trees. Or, you can buy your own live tree and keep it for next year.  In Vancouver, you have all three of these options! I just did a review of one of them (and they still have Christmas Trees for rent!)

Even just a regular, cut-down Christmas Tree is better than the plastic. And you can buy carbon credits for less than $10 to help give back the carbon associated with cutting down that tree. Make sure, however, that you “recycle” your tree. Almost all cities now have programs to recycle the tree into mulch. In Vancouver, find out more here.  In the U.S., Earth 911 will help you find a location near you–search now.