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Babo Botanicals Hydrating Lip Luminizer is a truly pretty, green, and healthy lip-gloss

The Babo Botanicals lip gloss four-color collection is a beautiful and truly green lip-gloss. I enjoyed the colors in the collection and how they felt to wear–barely sticky–and not only are they ethically created but they are free from all the worst toxins often found in lipstick and gloss. It’s a great everyday wear option.

While I like the color selection in the four-piece collection, my favourite color is the second darkest which is a nice, rich, sparkly pink that would likely look good on most people.



What's To Love?:

Just about everything about this product is love-able…

–great colours

–great texture (although a little sticky)

–doesn’t slide off your lips

–good for everyday wear

–free from toxins

The less love-able parts…

–doesn’t stay on very long

–tends to come off easily when drinking, etc.



Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

This lip gloss is free from heavy metals, including lead, which can be found in many lipstick like products. Not only that, it is free of all the other most harmful chemicals that my most trusted resource–the Enviornmental Working Group–tests for. Even better, they’ve gotten the EWG VERIFIED status, which is the highest rating possible for health. They make it easy when shopping by putting this verification right on the label!

Design Rating:

I love the colours and that the individual lip glosses each come in their own glass, recyclable bottle.

Social Rating:

Babo is committed to healthy and social responsibility and supports cool projects like urban gardening and other programs. They don’t say how much of their profits they give to this but the story is compelling. Learn more at

Carbon Rating:

The most important aspect of this for make-up is that the product isn't petroleum based: because oil in our cars is bad enough, on our faces it's gross. They also use recyclable and minimal packaging from sustainable sources and use eco-dyes in their material. And minimal!

Waste Rating:

See above.

Value Rating:

With all that their lip-glosses offer, it’s not wonder that they cost about $18 each or 4 for more than $50. Yet, that’s more than most teenagers and young adults will pay. If you have someone to buy for you, maybe ask for this as a gift.

Green Mama Approved