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Simply Wood Rings

Simply Wood Rings is an eco-conscious brand  that makes wooden rings inlaid with rocks and stones or other types of wood. The small company hand crafts these beautiful little works of art in Chicago out of responsibly sourced wood from their region. An ethical ring choice for any occasion.

What's To Love?:

– hand crafted in Chicago

– customizable

– unique and beautiful


Health Rating:

Many people select wooden rings because of severe metal allergies that prevent them from wearing more traditional jewellery. Some select them because they like the health aspect from the earth’s perspective. It is a lot more renewable to use a resource like wood instead of a mined ore like gold or silver.

Design Rating:

The ring I chose was very well crafted. Super smooth finish, thin enough to feel comfortable on my finger and thick enough to not feel too fragile for daily wearing. I selected the ‘May’ ring from the Birthwood Series to represent the birth of my son Henry. The ring is made Elm & Raw Emerald and signifies tradition & loyalty.

I also love their wedding sets and some of the stories they have on their website about custom rings with wood or inlays that have special meanings to those that wear them.

Social Rating:

Made by a very small team of hardworking men and women from Chicago, IL. When you buy from Simply Wood Rings you get the sense that you are buying directly from these crafts people’s hands and community. A great alternative for those of us who like the sentimentality and tradition associated with the symbol of a ring, but who don’t want to by unethical diamonds or precious metals extracted from the earth in mines.

Carbon Rating:

Simple Wood Rings is a small operation out of Chicago that uses sustainably harvested wood from a variety of sources, many of which are recycling or up cycling from other local wooden endeavours. By keeping their materials second-hand and local they reduce their carbon foot print. When compared to traditional rings made of precious metals and stones that are mined around the globe, Simply Wood is a much more ethical and environmental choice for North American consumers.

Waste Rating:

Simply Wood Rings often uses upcycled components in their designs. Since a ring is such a small object compared to the tree  and other wooden projects they can often use the leftover odds and ends and scraps to make their creations. A marine biologist even made a custom ring inlaid with trash from the  Great Pacific Garbage Patch (the site of her recent research project). . . how's that for recycling!? Also, since the rings are made with natural materials the are essentially biodegradable.

Value Rating:

Like most engagement rings and special occasion customizable jewellery, Simply Wood Rings come with a decent price tag. But for those of us who would prefer a diamond free wedding ring or a perfectly unique custom gift made by a small team of tradespeople Simply Wood is the way to go !