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Mama To Mama: The Minimalist Diaper Bag

The new year is a time for resolution and transformation. And the middle of January is a time for giving up on all your goals and resolutions…. I often find this true for myself, unless my particular resolution is actually making my days easier and more enjoyable. Welcome to my only resolution that has truly made it past the second week of January, the slimmed down diaper bag. If you are already in the process of paring down and organizing you home, why not overhaul your tote as well?

Here is my Minimalist Diaper Bag, packed for life out of the house with baby Henry, 8 mos.  We walk and ride the bus everywhere. Keeping it light is essential for our stroller-free, car-free life in Downtown Vancouver.


1. Thrift Store Tote Bag. I find the bigger the bag, the more I carry. I skipped the traditional diaper bag for a thrift store tote. It fits my aesthetic, has a great price point and helps reduce the number of new bags made of synthetic materials being produced.

2. Wallet and Keys.

3. Blanket. I love this organic blanket. Throw it on the ground for a play mat or use it to cover up when the weather changes.

4. Rattle and Pacifier. To occupy a curious and newly teething baby.

5. Zipper Bag with Handmade Cloth Wipes. Since my tote doesn’t have as many pockets and pouches as an official diaper bag I use a homemade zipper bag to contain my cloth wipes and wet bag.

6. Diaper. We use Bum Genius cloth diapers and we pack one for ever 2-3 hours we’re going to be out and about. It helps me keep my bag-bulk down and serves as an incentive to practice elimination communication (infant potty training) throughout the day.

7. Flat. We used these to diaper Henry as a newborn, before he fit into his cloth diapers. Now we use them for everything else… change mat, burp cloth, towel, emergency diaper, sun shades, the list goes on!

8. Jar of water. To wet our cloth wipes on the go.

9. Spare clothes. I alway pack an extra outfit, some socks and a hat. A few things incase of unexpected temperature or a big mess.


Here are some more Minimalist Diaper bag tips and tricks from Green Mama’s in different climates and with differently aged kiddos:

“This spring and summer we slimmed down to just bringing snacks, a sun hat, and our on-the-go potty (with a little bit of clean toilet tissue inside). Now that fall has come to the upper midwest, we’ve begun to bring a few layers with us (extra hoodie, hat and stretch gloves, that we keep in a bag in the car).”

-Cecelia                                                                                                                                                            mama of a 2.5-year-old and overdue with baby #2


“I carry a small wet bag left over from our cloth diapering days, and inside are extra undies and pants. If she happens to have an accident while we’re out, the spare clothes come out and the wet ones go right in the wet bag. Easy peasy. I also still carry a refillable case with baby wipes. Disposable, I know, but they aren’t used often. When we used wipes more regularly, the case contained pre-moistened baby wash cloths to use as wipes.”

-Renee                                                                                                                                                                      mama of a potty trained 3-year-old


Things I pack in my Patagonia Bag. (I am a HUGE fan of Patagonia. They are a very transparent and eco-conscious company. Big enough for everything you need, but not TOO big that it gets heavy): 1) BabyGanics Diapers. I have learned that you can never be too prepared and although accidents happen far less with a toddler than an infant – they still happen. I keep 2 diapers with me always. 2) Wipes. 3) Toms Deodorant – this is purely for me. Like I said… you can never be too prepared! 4) Wallet. I love using a wristlet because if I just need to run into the store to buy something I can grab this – its lightweight and small and perfect. 5) homeopathic. I keep two homeopathics with me at all times. Allium ceps (for bug bites) and Ipecacuanha (for stomach issues) 6) Prenatals and DHA.

– Amy                                                                                                                                                                mama of a 2-year-old and pregnant

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