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Real vs Plastic Christmas Tree?

Is it better for the environment to get a real tree or a fake tree? If the fake tree lasts many years I wonder if in the long run that’s better?

Do I lie about Santa Claus and what about the other holiday myths?

What do I do about the Santa Claus thing? I’m inclined to have Santa Claus, a tree, and the whole thing. My husband believes in science and wants only the truth, but will follow my lead. In our confusion we’ve left things off and sort of made no commitment to the holiday at all, which feels really bad. My son is still young and we have another on the way, so I’d like to figure this out soon.

How do I find a nontoxic baby crib that doesn’t cost a fortune?

Hi! I have your book and remember reading about recommendations for nontoxic baby cribs. However we are moving and I can’t seem to locate the book right now! We are expecting a little one in a few months and I’m trying to find a non toxic crib, but so far I’ve only found ones that are over $1000. Are there any options that are less, but still safe?


My child has cavities, why and now what?

I eat well, take my kids to a naturopath, and make them brush and floss everyday. Yet, both my kids have cavities: loads of them. To make matters worse, all of the dentists that I have visited want to put amalgam fillings in their mouth. Help!

How do I live with lead paint & a young child?

I have a toddler and I recently purchased a 1937 home. After reading about lead paint hazards and noticing some areas with slightly deteriorating paint, I am now having second thoughts about my purchase and am going crazy chasing my toddler around the house.

Unfortunately, I did not do a lead inspection during the home inspection process, as my realtor said “all homes built before 1978 have lead paint so there is no point in doing an inspection.” Of course I would like to find the areas that have lead now, so I know what I need to address and where my “hot spots” are, but was wondering if I could rent an XRF gun and do this myself to look for lead paint in the home? I know people do this to look at toys, etc, but can it be done for the interior and exterior of a house–in lieu of having a formal inspection–and, if so, what companies/brands should I look for?

Thank you.