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Posted: April 5, 2010
(originally published on Chicago Now) »Read More
Posted: March 29, 2010
The results are in: Earth Hour was a success—mostly. As I have already mentioned, our family has been walking around gloating about our 85% reduction during Earth Hour.  (We know this because we are taking part in a real-time energy-use monitoring pilot with Pulse Energy.) »Read More
Posted: March 14, 2010
More of everything is coming from China and food is no exception.  Now, more and more, organic food is also coming from China.  Which raises the question: if it is from China is it really organic?   »Read More
Posted: March 1, 2010
Remember melamine?  That was the substance found in the baby formula that resulted in over 54,000 children becoming sick and some dying and was also the substance that was found to be at fault in the 2007 pet food scandal.  (The pet food scandal entered the domestic food chain as chickens and pigs fed melamine ended up in the American food chain.)  What is Melamine? »Read More
Posted: September 2, 2009
It’s back to school time again and do you know what your kid is eating? Chances are if she is eating the school lunch, you don’t. Behind the heading of “hamburger with fries,” “pizza with vegetables,” is a dirty little secret that might be harming your child.  (Yes, this is a re-post, BUT school lunches are one of the top green issues facing parents and children when going back to school.) »Read More
Posted: September 2, 2009
 Milk is a $20-some billion industry.  Millions of dollars are spent by dairy producers and processors to advertise milk through such campaigns as Got Milk? and Milk: It does a body good.  What, however, has been the human cost of making milk into big money? »Read More
Posted: August 28, 2009
Been to an Eat-In recently?  Wonder what it is?An Eat-In is a new take on the grand old tradition of sit-ins, and being used today to bring awareness to the devastating effects that poor nutrition, and specifically, inadequate, unhealthy, and additive-full school lunches are having on children.  The Eat-Ins are sponsored by Slow Food USA.  And whether or not you make it to an actual Eat-In in your community the idea is easily do-able wherever you are: sit down with your children, your friends, or your co-works and eat a healthy meal.  And then, sign the petition to get a Child Nutrition Act that will actually get nutritious food to children in schools. »Read More
Posted: May 29, 2009
You can have children in Chicago without a car and do it well. One of the great advantages to living in this city is how relatively easy it is to live without a car.  Easy, and it will save more than $7,000 a year for each car you are not paying to own and operate, according to the Center for Neighborhood Technology. »Read More
Posted: May 13, 2009
Chicago has made a stand for children (and green parents). Today, March 13th, Chicago became the first American city to ban BPA from products geared toward children 3 and under. The City of Chicago’s action follows similar leadership by the state of Minnesota, and the county of Suffolk in New York. »Read More
Posted: April 13, 2009
 My solution to all scary agricultural news is to buy local and to buy organic. I understand that this is classicist, but my guilt is outweighed by my belief that it offers me a modicum of safety from things, like, the melamine scare. »Read More
Posted: March 12, 2009
Last year they told New Yorkers they were miserable.  This year, they are telling Chicagoans we are even more miserable.  It’s enough to make a mama lose faith in the world’s business leaders that Forbes claims to represent.  (Oh, wait, too late.) »Read More
Posted: December 10, 2008
When I was young, my family was poor. I ate the school lunch because I got it for free. Though it was rarely my only meal of the day, it was often my main meal of the day. Still, I remember when I was 7 years old biting into the hotdog on my tray and my best friend telling me, “Do you know what that is made out of?” Hotdogs were the first food that I gave up out of principle. »Read More
Posted: September 22, 2008
 The other day a mama I know blushed as she was talking about nursing with me and said, “But I guess breastfeeding isn’t really an environmental issue.” It is something that I think is important, but is it an environmental issue? There are three components of “green” that apply to this question: impacts on the environment, impacts on health, and economics. Environment »Read More
Posted: August 27, 2008
Today I finally got to the museum’s lawn exhibit. I left my child at home so I actually had the opportunity to absorb the exhibit. It is extraordinary. And though I went without my toddler, the exhibit, as with almost everything at the museum, is kid-friendly. Motivation to do something »Read More
Posted: July 22, 2008
I’m sitting in the dentist chair for my first checkup since having my baby (and that wasn’t so recent). “Everything looks good,” the dentist says and then he does that thing I hate: he pulls out that super close-up camera and puts my mouth on the iMax screen. “However, one of your fillings has cracked,” he says zooming in for a 3d ride through the mountains and valleys of my teeth. »Read More