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What can Arne do for school lunches? Tell him!

Arne Duncan, the chief of the Chicago Public Schools, will become Secretary of Education for the Obama administration. What does this mean for our children? Arne Duncan is known for being a reformer and he as been part of over-seeing Chicago public schools during a time that has seen a rise in awareness around the importance of healthier school lunches. In Chicago, many of the schools have privatized their lunches and everything comes in from outside. In most cases, the food is just more of the same. However, The Organic School Project is trying to provide an organic and healthier option in some schools. This is a tiny drop in the bucket. In general, school lunches are hormone-laden, imbalanced, sugared-up, and sometimes even MSG-containing. Yuck.

How far is Duncan prepared to go?

One reader commented that Arne, with the support of parents, could finally get schools to improve the content of school lunches. How can our children’s lunches reflect the education and science around what we know to be healthy? What kinds of food helps learning, what do we serve that we know affects a child’s ability to pay attention (like MSG)? What would happen if we got rid of vending machines or filled them with healthy foods?

What would you ask Arne Duncan for? Tell us. Maybe we will send him a letter. Maybe he will listen.

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