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Posted: September 23, 2022
It's flu season in North America: are you protected? »Read More
Posted: January 31, 2014
Breastfeeding: Mandate, Monetize, or just leave-it to Mom?The United Arab Emirates’ Federal National Council recently passed a clause mandating women breastfeed their babies for two years as part of their new Child Rights Law.  And, of course, the world is going crazy over the news with every North American journalists and women’s organizations rushing to condemn the move (or so it would seem by reading some of the American »Read More
Posted: July 9, 2013
Can you really be green and still fly?Can you imagine giving up traveling by airplane? It has always been the thing that seemed just a little too impossible to do. Yet, this article written by good friend and climate researcher Barry Saxifrage, shows us why we must consider it. »Read More
Posted: May 16, 2013
What to learn from Angelina Jolia's preventative mastectomy and how mama's everywhere can empower themselves towards better breast health & worry less about breast cancer »Read More
Posted: April 22, 2013
In 2013 Everyday Can Be EarthdayFor the last few years, green has been the fastest growing trend in food, buildings, and businesses. Consumers are smarter, and more demanding, than ever and the organizations that are thriving are those that are taking sustainability as part of what is essential. There are 13 habits that will guarantee that your lifestyle is more sustainable this year. Get good at them and you will save resources, money, and your health AND you will have fun in the process. »Read More
Posted: January 28, 2013
Greenwashing: You are at risk. The Green Mama helps you avoid falling prey to greenwashers. What is greenwashing? Greenwashing is using the language of "green" to make a product, person, company--or whatever--appear healthier for people and planet than it really is.  »Read More
Posted: December 7, 2012
Vermicomposting Success: Worms, wonderful worms »Read More
Posted: December 7, 2012
Learning to Vermicompost with The Green Mama and The Urban Worm Factory »Read More
Posted: December 7, 2012
A Green Mama real-life story of vermicomposting For years, I’ve half-heartedly composted my kitchen scraps, piling them in a bin or a designated spot outdoors, occasionally turning the pile and knowing that I’d never live anywhere long enough to see any actual compost.  (This was, after all, in my twenties, and do you know that it can take up to two years to complete the composting process?) Still, whether or not I produced any compost, I figured that at least I was keeping kitchen scraps out of the landfill. »Read More
Posted: May 28, 2012
The Green Mama responds to Time Magazines: Are you Mom Enough? See The Green Mama participate in a conversation on this topic in the video: Real Women Respond to Are You Mom Enough? on CNN.Com Generation blame mom »Read More
Posted: May 15, 2012
After we left San Marcos la Laguna, we went to visit Tecpan where our friends, Heather and Greg, have founded Project Somos Children's Village. »Read More
Posted: May 15, 2012
 Traveling with children in Guatemala: Life & Death !Nosotros somos! Highlights: the most fun under the sun (in Guatemala), losing things, and my near-death stove explosion. Me llama Manda. Soy de Canada, pero estoy en San Marcos la Laguna. The most fun under the sun »Read More
Posted: May 15, 2012
Living in Guatemala with children: disease, bugs, and waste...oh my! We have had a full couple weeks.  Still heavenly, but a heaven with Giardia, unexplained vomiting, head lice, chiggers and biting flies, and Chicken Pox. More on the diseases of Guatemala »Read More
Posted: May 14, 2012
Escuela Caracol is a large reason of why I decided to move my family to San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala for three and half months. »Read More
Posted: May 14, 2012
Third World, Developing World, (Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood is what my friend calls it); whatever you call it, a day in the life here is very different than a day in the life of most North Americans. 4 a.m. The roosters, which are EVERYWHERE, starting crowing. Loud and persistent. 6 a.m. Zella starts crowing pleas of hunger. (Mae-la may have already woken me with similar pleas earlier.) »Read More
Posted: May 10, 2012
Living in the Third World with KidsTraveling to Guatemala »Read More