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Cecelia Ungari-Hoskins has been teaching sustainable lifestyle choices for more than 10 20 years in the Chicago region. Two projects that she is particularly proud of are the Right Bite sustainable seafood awareness program and the Green Initiative, which she spearheaded while working at the John G Shedd Aquarium. Besides her work with The Green Mama, Cecelia can be found living locally and supporting community projects in Evanston, IL, USA. Cecelia is also a trained doula focusing on the complete spectrum of maternity support: preconception, pregnancy, labor, and post-partum stages. Cecelia brings her interest in conservation, human biology, and the history of chemicals to all of her jobs. Known to friends as the queen of concoctions, Cecelia is constantly mixing, blending, or brewing local, organic foods to eat, drink, or put on her skin. Cecelia had her first baby in 2012 and is due with baby #2 in late 2014. , second in 2014, and in April 2020 with the world in lock-down welcomed her 3rd child into our world. Her focus has expanded to include poetry and menstrual health education.