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Beco Gemini Carrier

Baby wearing is simply the key to a peaceful and happy newborn household. Babies and parents alike love the closeness, the warmth, the mobility and the freedom that carriers afford. Want a happy baby? Carry your wee one while you complete your standing tasks like walking older child to school, commuting, grocery shopping, completing household chores. Wow can you get a lot done! Wow is it easy to run errands, catch the bus, chase after your toddler, fold the laundry…you get the idea.

Once you’ve decided on baby wearing you get to enjoy the shopping! Baby carriers are many and all have benefits. If you are new to baby carrying and in the market for your first carrier a local store that allows you to try out a big selection of carriers prior to purchase can help you sort through the options (like the fabulous Be By Baby in Chicago) or join a baby-wearing group like Babywearing International in Chicago. In our family we have discovered each adult member has their own preferred carrier and carrying position. We even have preferred carrying times of day, types of activity and lengths of time to carry baby. Daddy, Mama, Nana, and Grandpa all have our own preferences and carriers (Bjorn, Becco Gemini, Peanut Shell sling, and Ergo). In our family Mama does the majority of the carrying and below is a review of this Mama’s NEW favorite carrier, the Beco Gemini.

What's To Love?:

Like the popular and fabulous Ergo (which I happily still use for my first child in back-carry mode – now 35 lbs) the Gemini is structured, padded and places the weight of the baby in all the right places, making carrying comfortable for a Mama. It’s easy to get on and off, made of organic cotton and is machine washable. Also similar to the Ergo, it is an investment. Unlike the Ergo though, it does not require an infant insert and comes in some festive and fun prints that will hide spills and marks so your carrier may remain stylish through more than one baby .

The straps criss-crossing the back are brilliant; the best feature from the Bjorn that the Ergo was missing. Whether you are chasing an active toddler or gardening or catching a bus while holding onto groceries, the criss-cross straps provide so much more peace of mind while wearing baby.  No worries that a quick twist will compromise baby’s safety!

Like the Ergo, the Gemini offers front, back and side carrying but unlike the Ergo, the Gemini also offers the second-best feature of the Bjorn: the option to carry your baby facing out. Unless your child is sleeping, after the age of 5-6 months, facing in can cause him or her to tire of being in the carrier. Having this fourth option available is wonderful!

Unlike the Ergo, the Gemini is harder to locate but we have high hopes it’s popularity will spread and this will not be an issue by the time you may be reading this review.

Fun facts: 

  • For those with older children: Beco also offers a Mini, which is a toy carrier for big sister or brother to hold their doll to be like Mama and Daddy.
  • Beco products are designed by a babywearing parent, active sailor, and rock climber.
  • Beco also offers a Butterfly II carrier.

What’s to love?

Wide and padded waist belt: puts the weight on your hips, not the shoulders…such a blessing! Like the Ergo, this carrier had figured out how to painlessly carry your babies and toddlers by distributing the weight.

Criss-cross back: The best feature from the Bjorn that was missing from the Ergo. Helps with the weight distribution and holds baby securely to your chest.

Buckles: We have the safety buckles on this carrier listed as both a pro and a con. They sure give you peace of mind that your precious baby/toddler will not fall out even during the most odd twists or movements.

Two width settings: Allows adult to carry baby from 7 to 35 lbs with no inserts or extra pieces to buy, which means it may last until child is 4 years old. The two settings accommodate growing babies. Clever snaps at the base allow for proper leg positions on small babies and for adjusting when baby is ready to face away from Mama. This allows you to carry your newborn without purchasing a newborn insert.

What’s not to love?

Difficult to acquire: Unlike the Ergo which is (finally, fabulously!) EVERYWHERE…, Babies R Us, even Nordstrom!… we had a harder time locating the Gemini (and a bit of a wait to acquire the latest style, Overalls, an option to have the entire carrier in one fun print). Hopefully this will not be an issue by the time you read this review.

Pricey: clocking in at $130-135 it is possibly the most expensive carrier out there. It does not require a newborn insert though, and can be used from 7 lbs (birth for many babies!).

Buckles can be difficult to undo at first: The Beco products have “safety buckles” that require two hands to undo. While this gives you peace of mind that the side buckles will not come undone during a sudden Mama twist (such as responding to your rambunctious toddler) it can be a tad frustrating when the baby is crying and the buckles aren’t opening quick enough. After a bit of practice the safety buckles do not deter us from wearing this great carrier!

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Baby wearing is great for most parents and babies. A carrier like the Beco Gemini supports wearing baby and your back.

Design Rating:

4-in-1 ways to carry, plus the creative patterns can make a new mama, and veteran mamas, feel stylish and eco-friendly. They also have an organic cotton option for a few dollars more (in solid prints).

Value Rating:

Don’t let sticker shock keep you from acquiring a solid investment like a versatile baby carrier you love.

Green Mama Approved