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Blessed Nest Nursing Pillow

I love my Blessed Nest nursing pillow – in fact I love it so much after 3 years of nearly daily use, I’ve bought another one. I first learned about it years before becoming pregnant myself, and heard rave reviews. So when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2011, it was at the top of my wish list.

Why? Because it is made from organic cotton, organic domestically-grown buckwheat, has zero flame retardant chemicals, no foam or plastic material (unlike many nursing pillows that are both made of foam and sprayed with toxic chemicals). Plus it can be used for WAY more than nursing. But I love it because I found it to be amazing for nursing my daughter. I could position it so that we were both comfortable and supported for as long as was needed. It worked well when she was a tiny infant (full disclosure: she was never under 10 lbs outside of my womb) and when she was a nursing toddler. We traveled with it, and while it’s hefty (5.5 lbs) it was a lifesaver for us on multiple flights, train rides, and in hotels/family homes.

After 3 years of constant use, the buckwheat is not in its original shape. So I’m simply opening the inner pillow cover and replacing the buckwheat to use with baby #2. (Thank you Blessed Nest for working with me on this idea. Their customer service is great.) I also bought a second pillow because the first one has become my husband’s constant companion in bed. Little does he know I’m about 3 weeks away from needing both pillows to support my ever-growing mama body.

Reviewed by Cecelia Ungari-Hoskins

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