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Secret Life of Babies

It’s been almost a full year since beginning Mia Kalef’s Secret Life of Babies Online Birth Recovery Program, and over two years since my daughter was born.

Working the program was incredibly healing for me and supported the kind of bonding (secure attachment) I hope to continue to grow with my daughter. Without going into the specific details, my labor and delivery had its share of ups and downs—maybe a lifetime’s worth—including emergency seven-hour surgery for me the day after my daughter was born. She was, thankfully, very healthy throughout. I needed a lot of recovery, and healing, before feeling anywhere near healthy.

Mama and Baby - Finally Home

Mama and Baby – finally home

Our journey included post-partum bed rest, returning to work full-time outside our home, back injury, PPD/PPA and treatment for me, lots of support from post-partum doulas, family, friends, therapists, and my amazing, amazing husband.

The Secret Life of Babies program was healing I could do together with my daughter. It was a partnership between myself, a chosen person to share with (my doula who is an incredible person and now dear friend), and my child.

It wasn’t as if I did the first session and “presto” I was “better,” but most days since my first (online) session I’ve healed and I continue to heal. It has been a slowly building tide of recovery, acceptance, and compassion.

The unique blend the program offered was perfect for me–a combination of online videos (Mia is well-spoken, gentle and informative), sharing with a partner of our choosing, working in the journal provided in the package, and talking with our infants.

I initially resisted because of the price (full disclosure: I got to work the program for free). But I think it’s well worth the money for any mama whose birth had unexpected twists and turns, or complications. I highly recommend it for those like me who have experienced physical, emotional, or other birth trauma.

You can also check out Mia’s Secret Life of Babies book (newly released).

I recommend signing up for her general website to all parents (and almost everyone else too).

Mama and Baby - 2.5 years along

Mama and Baby – 2.5 years along


Mia Kalef’s online program “supports both your and your baby’s physical and emotional healing, it deepens the bond and communication between you, and builds a supportive community for your parenting journey.”

What's To Love?:

To Love: Mia’s gentle and wise tone and information. The positive impact on your and your baby’s well-being. The tips and tools shared can be applied to all trauma and struggle; and once learned can be used for the rest of you and your family’s life.

Not to Love: Not everyone knows about it, yet 🙂 The price might be limiting for some, but the results I experienced are well worth it. When mama’s are struggling post-partum, they may not be in the space needed to find help themselves or try new, unknown solutions.

If you know a family struggling in the first years, yes years, of their baby’s arrival help them to connect with resources like Mia’s program, and help them know that support exists. No family needs to struggle alone.

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