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Hygeia Enjoye LBI Double Breast Pump

In 2010, before the birth of my first daughter, I searched the Internet for breast pumps but I had no idea how to choose such an intimate device when all the pumps on the market sounded so similar. 
Luckily, Hygeia’s Enjoye LBI Double Breast Pump appeared in one of my searches as the first “Green Pump” so I looked no further. Feed my child breast milk AND save the earth? Sold.
So I tested this pump for you. Daily for 301 days, up to six times a day! Then again a year later.

What's To Love?:

Green Aspects

Hygeia uses BPA/DEHP-Free plastic for all parts that come into contact with the breast milk. The Green Mama isn’t a fan of breastmilk sitting in plastic, even BPA-free plastic, but as far as I know there aren’t any breastpumps that don’t use some plastic. However, Hygeia goes further and the company stands out with their motto, “No Pumps in Dumps.” They encourage the reuse of their machines – passing on the pumps to friends or returning them to Hygeia HQ, where Hygeia will inspect the machine to reuse/donate or recycle appropriately. This is a marked difference from most other leading pumps which state they should not be shared.

“Reusing” also extends to their power source. This particular pump, the Hygeia Enjoye Double Breast Pump, utilizes a rechargeable internal lithium ion battery, making this a very efficient and portable machine.

What’s to love?

1. It’s easy to tote. Most come with shoulder bags and the pump, itself, has a very ergonomic handle. With the rechargeable internal lithium ion battery, the convenience of pumping anywhere and any time becomes possible.
2. It’s simple to figure out and to operate.
3. Quiet and smooth! The last thing you want to call attention to (maybe some people do?), whether you are in your office, car, bathroom or home, is you being milked. I can’t tell you how many times I used this pump in a car with other people totally oblivious to what I was up to!
4. A very good pump. I have tried a few and this is definitely my favourite. Especially since I needed a huge supply to go back to work with and to have nights out! I found that the flanges were comfortable and the smooth control over the suction via the strength and speed knobs worked very well for me.

 What’s not to love?

1. What makes this pump super unique is a built-in recorder meant to record your baby’s cry, which can aid some people in let-down. Fabulous idea, right? However, these buttons are exceptionally easy to push, whether meaning to or not, and there is no volume control. So, although it would be very embarrassing to hear a loud screaming baby coming from your bag during a business meeting, the reality is you will have accidentally deleted the baby cries with a recording of yourself walking to the business meeting.

2. Unfortunately, the Personal Accessory Kits are not recyclable and Hygeia is unable to accept them back because possible contamination with breast milk.

3. This product is not yet available in Canada. I found this out the hard way after moving to Canada from the U.S. and trying to get a new filter. Which brings me to the last point:

4. Easy to contaminate filter. You need to change the filter any time milk makes it through your tubing, which can happen very quickly in the slow blink of sleep-deprived eyes. I used this pump for almost a year without this happening but after the birth of my second, it happened three times in a week. My milk had no patience the second round and flooded the equipment. Hygeia addresses this concern on their trouble-shooting page.

5. As part of writing this review, we contacted Hygeia multiple time with questions about their product. After a month without any answers, we were forced to conclude that their customer service is awful. When it comes to feeding babies and figuring out pumps, having good customer service feels essential. The whole experience left us feeling bad about an otherwise good product.

Why buy versus go without?

If you are planning to pump (and if you are planning to breastfeed and return to work, you will likely be pumping) and you live in the U.S., this is a good pump to consider. It’s built to last for at least the three years they provide for a warranty; it can be passed on to other people when you are done nursing; and if not, it can be returned to Hygeia HQ to be recycled. Buy one, love it, use it, feed your baby and then pass on the love. Then we all have one less pump in a landfill.

Green Mama Rating

One Green Thumb Up for a great product and One Green Thumb Down for horrible customer service.

Review by: Adrianna Granville

Overall Rating:

Design Rating:

Breast pumps are cumbersome at best, but this company tries to do what it can to lessen the physical strain, noise, and waste.

Waste Rating:

Most waste conscious pump on the market we know of. As mentioned, the Personal Accessory Kits are not recyclable and Hygeia is unable to accept them back because possible contamination with breast milk. But we love their “No Pumps in Dumps" motto and how much they do to encourage reuse.

Value Rating:

Green Mama Approved