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What's in Your Water? Bottled vs. Tap

(originally published on Chicago Now)

I’m surprised by all the plastic water bottles I see in people’s hands. Sure they are marketed as convenient, pure and healthy. But I’m surprised people still buy into these myths.  Bottled water isn’t always cleaner than tap, it comes in a plastic bottle after many miles of transport, and it costs so much!! Some reports put the bottled water mark-up at 1000 times the price of tap water! Buying bottled water remains in our top 10 Green Faux Pas. 

We love Annie Leonard’s Story of StuffJust released is the Story of Bottled Water. This 5 minute video is a great overview of the problems with our bottled water culture. Follow up with National Geopraphic’s Daily News “Why Tap Water Is Better Than Bottled Water.”

The Green Mama recommends buying a stainless steel or glass water bottle, not plastic or aluminum. If your municipal system uses chlorine or has contamination, get a good quality water filter. Our family uses one with a carbon and KDF (Copper-Zinc) media, whichs cuts out the chlorine and removes particles larger than 5 microns. It cost $160 and will filter 10,000 gallons – way better and more cost effective than a Brita/Pur pitcher. 

Learn more about your municipal system with the EPA’s Local Drinking Water Information
Check out a 2008 report from Chicago Tribune about Chicago’s water.

April 2010 – Water shortages are predicted in Chicago by 2050. “Bursting the Water Bubble” Mindful Metropolis  

By Green Mama contributor Cecelia Ungari. 

Photos: Shutterstock

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