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  • Feeding Baby Better 101 (& Avoiding Toxic Bottles)

    BACKGROUND ON THE ISSUE Much of what is at stake with feeding baby goes back to the discussion on toxic plastics.  Quite a fervor was caused when the group Environment California released a recent report entitled, “Toxic Baby Bottles” which showed that bisphenol-A (BPA) was leaching from baby bottles. And not just some baby bottles,…
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  • Custom Earth Promos

    If you are looking for traditional promotional products with a green twist, Custom Earth Promos will most likely have what you are looking for. They have everything from reusable bags, water bottles and more. While most of the products are functional (and most made out of recycled plastic and are BPA free – bonus!) many of the…
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  • Lifefactory baby bottles and sippy cups

    The only sippy cup The Green Mama still uses.

  • Pura Kiki Baby Bottle

    Green Mama approved! This bottle is stainless steel, goes from baby bottle to sippy, and is a safe-option.

  • The health risks of soy infant formula

    I would not not not feed a baby soy formula (unless it is truly medically necessary. For instance because the baby has a congenital lactose intolerance—which is VERY, VERY rare and diagnosed in the testing they do right after birth).  There is mounting research that soy formula can cause harm to a child’s developing endocrine…
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  • Is your plastic water bottle killing you?

    Well, it depends on who you ask. Nalgene, probably the best known maker of the hard, plastic water bottles that adults use, says “Of course not!” but they are still phasing out their polycarbonate lines. (Polycarbonate is that rigid, clear plastic that almost all of their bottles were made of.) Nalgene, along with many other bottle companies, are phasing out polycarbonates due to consumer pressure around Bisphenol A (BPA).

  • Canada: Just like us only with better baby bottles

    Earlier this summer, my family and I went to British Columbia, Canada, for our annual pilgrimage to this tiny island where we got married. My personal theory on Canada is that it is just like the Midwest, only with fewer people and, in the case of B.C., better views. It turns out, however, that Canada also has one other great difference, they have better baby bottles.