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Pura Kiki Baby Bottle


Green aspects

No parent has escaped the BPA in baby bottle news. “Toxic baby bottles!” the headlines started reading 4 years ago just at the time when my first baby was at the baby bottle stage. I went around throwing out plastic baby bottles that had feel good words on them like “Just like the breast” and “Reduces colic!” At that time there was a run on glass baby bottles and they were almost impossible to find and no one was doing the alternatives yet.  Now, there are glass options, BPA-free plastic options, and stainless steel options.

The Green Mama recommends glass or stainless steel as the safest options for baby. What makes a baby bottle green? It must be durable, it must be made from a material proven over time to be absolutely safe (and thus not leach any toxins or untested chemicals into the baby’s milk), and it must work. Plastic baby bottles,  even BPA-free ones, don’t make the Green Mama list. Many of these plastics contain other plasticizers that leach out of the bottle and just haven’t yet been studied for safey. As well, some metal containers (especially aluminum) can be lined with plastic. (This is what caused Sigg to recall their supposedly green water bottles).

The Pura Kiki is one of my very favourites of all the bottles I’ve tried.

What’s to love & not to love?

1. Stainless steel is one of the safest materials—nothing leaches out.
2. You can warm the milk in the bottle, you can dishwash the bottle and you can FREEZE the breast milk in the bottle! (All without worrying about the bottle leaching something from the material or the liner because there is no plastic in it.)
3. This bottle is indestructible. Seriously. My daughter has tested it: again and again. I have a tile floor laid over concrete. Our glass bottle (which I love and have always said is virtually unbreakable) lasted two days, our other stainless steel bottle lasted one week (the lid was plastic and shattered after repeatedly hitting our floor). These have lasted a year with no signs of breaking.
4. They grow with you: bottle to sippy cup. And they fit almost every nipple on the market. Thank you for good design. (I hope someday they will add a sports cap top so it will be for us adults too.)
5. They are oh so cute!

The only downside is that the only way to keep them from linking is the silicone sleeve that slips over the bottle, not quite as fool-proof or as handy as a real lid.

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Stainless steel is a safe alternative to plastic.

Design Rating:

It is a beautiful bottle and works really well. My only design issues are that I wish the children bottles had adult tops that would fit them further extending their life.

Social Rating:

The product itself is better for the health and earth and they also work with nonprofits to use their product as a fundraising tool. Beyond that, I don’t know anything else they are doing: such as providing health food or breastfeeding breaks for their Chinese workers, for instance.

Carbon Rating:

From cradle to grave, this bottle is a great, healthy alternative to plastic. My only complaint is that it is made in China, however virtually every stainless steel type water bottle is.

Waste Rating:

It can be reused nearly for a lifetime and it can be recycled. What more could a person want?

Value Rating:

Green Mama Approved