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Sili Squeeze Reusable Food Pouch

If you are a parent of little ones, I am willing to bet money that you have purchased single-serving puree pouches at one point, maybe even regularly. You know, those “squeeze applesauces” (as my kids call them) that seem to be everywhere. At first I tried my best to resist – so much packaging! – but the convenience is alluring. When I heard of the Sili Squeeze, a reusable silicone food pouch, I wondered if it could be a viable replacement, allowing me to curb my purchase of lots of excess packaging.

What's To Love?:

Greener aspects

If your Sili Squeeze takes the place of all those “squeeze applesauces”, think of all the packaging you are saving from the landfill, or from being recycled! Buy a big jar of applesauce and keep reusing your pouch, or better yet, make your own to really minimize your consumption of packaged goods.

And it isn’t only for applesauce; the original Sili Squeeze is intended for beginning eaters in the puree stage. I used ours for baby food and found it to be more convenient than either the individually packaged, store-bought containers or scrounging for travel containers for my homemade food. Kudos to a product that makes my homemade, whole food purees the easier option!

And all Sili Squeeze materials are made of certified food- and medical-grade safe materials that are BPA-, Phthlate-, PVC-, latex- and lead-free.

What’s to love, or not…

So, the Sili Squeeze is adult-proof. Truly. When I first tested it, I thought it was difficult to use, and surely it would never work. Yet my 10-month-old had no trouble gumming at the spout to get her food. The beauty of this feature is that there is NO MESS. I repeat: NO MESS. Because she has to gum at the valve instead of squeezing the pouch, it is impossible for an overzealous baby to squeeze food all over herself.  (Note: the Sili Squeeze with Eeeze is designed for older children and has a free-flow spout, so make sure you don’t confuse the two!)

It’s ergonomically designed and easy for little fingers to grip and hold. Bigger fingers will appreciate the fact that the opening is wide enough to fill it with food without making a mess. My only minor complaint is that the cap has to snap just so, and can be difficult to get on. But once it’s on, you can feel confident that it won’t come off in your diaper bag! It’s also dishwasher-safe, though easy to hand wash.

Why buy versus go without?

It may seem ridiculous to shell out $15 for a kids’ food pouch, but if you regularly purchase single-serving purees, you’ll start seeing the per-unit savings when you replace those with bigger containers (or homemade!). And since mine replaced a disposable good that I was frequently purchasing, this did not feel like one more extraneous gadget. It came everywhere with us – picnics, gym childcare, car rides. My now 2-year-old still uses it for an easy snack in the car or stroller.

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Review by: Renee Bosman

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Silicone is one of the safest plastics on the market for food items. All plastics have some down-side environmentally and for health, but silicone is considered one of the most stable of the plastics. However, no plastic–even silicone–should be microwaved, heated, or even dishwashed because the plasticizers release with heat. Fill the pouch with all organic foods for the most positive impacts for your family.

Design Rating:

Easy to use, durable, cute and easy to wash. Two spout options help it growth with your baby. Did we mention your baby can use it with NO MESS?!?

Carbon Rating:

The carbon footprint of plastic is high because plastics rely on petroleum in their structure, in their development, etc. On the upside, the final product is light and therefore easier to ship.

Waste Rating:

Replacing single use packaging with a durable, reusable pouch keeps materials out of the landfill and more money in your pocket. The product itself, however, is not made from recycled materials nor is it easily recyclable.

Value Rating: