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Science NEEDS You!

Calling all pregnant women in America: your country needs you for science.

I hear stories everyday like these: “My daughter isn’t thriving and we’ve tried dozens of different formulas and my doctor doesn’t know what to do,” or “My daughter was diagnosed with a rare cancer and we are trying to minimize her exposure to toxins, hormone disruptors, and other potential aggravators, but we are completely overwhelmed,” or, simply: “I never ate organic food during my pregnancy, how likely is it to matter?” Doctors don’t have the answers, scientists don’t have the answers, and our mothers parented in a time when there were thousands fewer chemicals as part of our routine exposure. What are we to do?


It’s called The National Children’s Study and it is the first study of its kind ever done in the U.S.: the longest and largest study to look at children’s health and how it is affected by things like where they live, learn, and play. It will follow 100,000 children from birth until age 21 years. The National Children’s Study will examine the effects of the environment, as broadly defined to include factors such as air, water, diet, sound, family dynamics, community and cultural influences, and genetics on the growth, development, and health of children across the United States.

No matter where you live, this study will impact you. Today, one in five dollars is spent on disease and illness.  By learning about the multiple factors that influence the health and safety of both children and adults, strategies can be developed to address and prevent many current common health problems to improve the health of the US population.

As The Green Mama, my days are spent writing and researching. What is shocking is how little we know about the effects of our lifestyle on our children. Whether it is the connection between nutrition and fertility, early childhood exposures to certain chemicals and later health, or the long term effects of the behaviors we model to our children. When someone says: “That isn’t proven to cause cancer or learning disabilities or obesity” what they are really saying is “No scientific studies have examined that issue.”  For science to help us make parenting easier and greener: we need scientists to study the issues we care about AND you and I need to volunteer for these studies. Here’s your chance.

Learn more:

Find out how to volunteer in your state.

For more information about taking part in the National Children’s Study in the greater Chicago-area: Call toll-free: 1-866-315-7124 or E-mail: or Text: “ncsmom” to 57682

Article by Manda Aufochs Gillespie, The Green Mama. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

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