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Home Ec: Easiest Sandwich


2 Tbsp nut butter

2 slices of your favourite bread

1/2 Tbsp honey


1. Slather your bread with nut butter and honey.

2. Smoosh the breads together to make a sandwich

3. Slice in half and package for the lunch box. Try Abeego food wrap, Onyx Sandwich containers or Go Go Bags.


Notes on Ingredients:


Honey is a magical and sweet addition to your sandwich. Anti bacterial and anti fungal, helpful with energy, mental stimulation, allergies, and suppressing pesky coughs, honey is a lunch box cure-all. Make sure you seek out locally produced raw honey for the biggest medicinal impact.

Nut butter (or nut-free butter)

Nut Butter is packed with protein and healthy fats. It’s a lunch time saviour; a few tablespoons will keep your kid going until their afterschool snack is served. Peanut allergies and allergy awareness is on the rise in many school settings, but fret not, nut butters have come a long way ! Skip the old stand by and try something new like almond, cashew, hazelnut, pumpkin seed or macadamia nut. There are great completely nut free butters not too. Try Wow Butter, a soy based spread. Make sure to select non-GMO and organic nut butters for the healthiest sandwich experience.

Quality Bread

I love to make my own sourdough with wild yeasts harvested from my kitchen ! Check out a store in your neighbourhood for workshops and supplies to get on the bread baking bandwagon. Or select a quality bread from a local bakery. Their are tons of options from spelt to kamut to gluten free rice based loafs. It’s all happening !