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GoGo Bags: Reusable, cotton snack bags

Cotton snack bags are a favourite in my house: for sandwiches, carrots, dried fruits and nuts, and many other goodies. GoGoBags produce reusable bags in sandwich bag size, snack size, toothbrush (or cutlery) shape and size, and also have a line for fresh produce. These bags include the usual shapes and sizes (for sandwiches and snacks and produce) and unusual shapes and sizes (like for celery or cutlery).  Shop now at

What's To Love?:

What’s to love?

1. Cute designs

2. All-cotton

3. No plastic at all: no polyurethane liners (PUL) or velcro (to get caught on everything in the wash). Instead, the inside is a tightly woven cotton that works almost as well as PUL, but without the plasticizers.

4. Affordable

5. They really do keep things fresh longer. I just found carrots that were forgotten for over a month and while they weren’t edible, they were perfectly desiccated.

6. These baggies are made in Vancouver by a small, woman-owned company


What’s not to love?

These baggies aren’t made from organic cotton, the inside however is all-cotton, un-dyed, and plastic-free.


Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Entirely plastic free: saving thousands of little plastic baggies from the landfill and plasticizers from our kids.

Design Rating:

I love these baggies: they have this great little design that keeps them closed without any velcro or snaps or zippers. This works well in our family where we tend to use and wash things hard.

Social Rating:

A small, local, woman-owned company. As the company grows I am sure their social responsibility will also grow.

Carbon Rating:

They are entirely plastic-free and made locally in Vancouver where the energy is coming from low-carbon hydro.

Waste Rating:

These bags are saving hundreds--even thousands--of plastic baggies from the landfill.

Value Rating:

At approximately $6 for a snack bag, $9 for a sandwich bag, and $15 to $20 for produce bags, these baggies are a bit less expensive than the average for reusable cotton snack bags. They also carry sets–such as 10 sandwich bags for $80 or an entire waste-free lunch kit for $74–providing additional savings.Set of gogo bags

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