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Abeego Food Wrap

You’ve made organic, gluten-free, nut-free, cruelty-free, fair-trade brownies from scratch for the potluck. You’re getting ready to pack up and hop on your bike, so you quickly…. wrap your offerings in plastic wrap? Put them in a plastic container? Tuck them into a plastic Ziplock bag?!

Food storage and plastic seem to go hand-in-hand these days, which is a real shame when many of us are going to the trouble of making food choices that minimize our impact on the planet and maximize health. Abeego is a Canadian company that is trying to assist us in our efforts to rid plastics from our lives by creating an all-natural reusable food wrap. Hurray!

What's To Love?:

– Affordable

– Mama-run  business

– Canadian-made from start to finish

– Plastic free alternative that you will reach for daily!

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Made of  hemp, organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin so you can keep food fresh without relying on harmful plastics. This line-up of earth safe materials also boasts natural anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. Healthy and safe!

Design Rating:

Genius! I have the 3 size flats and they are perfect for wrapping up the ends of fancy cheeses, covering a bowl of frosting and packing a sandwich for work. Multi-tasking at it’s finest. My Abeego flats have been around for months and show no signs of letting up anytime soon.

Social Rating:

Abeego is a start-up company out of Victoria BC that took a daily dilemma, having to store food in plastic to keep it fresh, and came up with an eco-solution. Mama-founded and family run, this little business is gaining steam and keeping true to its environmental and socially responsible roots by creating local jobs and a useful and affordable product for conscious families.

Carbon Rating:

Using only North American & renewable materials and manufacturing their products from start to finish in Canada has helped to keep Abeego's carbon footprint small.

Waste Rating:

Abeego diverts tons of  plastic food wrap from the landfill. And their waste management goes beyond replacing throw-away products with a multi-use counterpart. Abeego has thought about the life cycle of their reusable wraps and has turned any waste byproducts into a potential resource; All the salvageable materials are repurposed (as Twisties, their riff on the twist tie) and the rest will biodegrade naturally.

Value Rating:

At $18 for a three pack of wraps that should last a year or more, Abeego is a savvy investment.

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