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Onyx Containers

Like so many of the amazing products we review and feature on The Green Mama, Onyx Containers was launched by new parents who couldn’t find something on the market and filled the gap with their own innovation. Before Onyx hit in stores and online your only alternative to plastic food storage was glass (usually with a plastic lid!). Onyx is made of food grade stainless steel; A material that is light, durable, safe at a range of temperatures, easy to clean, functional, attractive, and affordable. Their extensive line covers everything from divided containers perfect for school lunches to popsicle molds and every shape and size container in-between ! I personally adore their teeny tiny condiments container. It fits in my purse and holds just the right amount of food for an on the go toddler snack. Pictured above with some sungold tomatoes from the garden.


What's To Love?:

– full line available for purchase online

– alternative to plastic and glass

– parent-run canadian company

– durable, stylish, easy to clean, and affordable

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

It’s no secret that plastics are not a healthy choice, especially for food storage. For many parents this has meant switching over to glass which isn’t a safe choice for tots who are prone to breaking breakable things. . . Stainless steel is becoming a fast growing solution to this dilemma as it is more durable than glass and a lot healthier than plastics. Onyx has taken this epiphany to heart and built an extensive product line showcasing the powers of food grade stainless steel for family food storage.

A few of my favorite Onyx items that we use in our kitchen include:

  • Stainless steel popsicle maker
  • Stainless steel icecube maker
  • Insulated “tiffin” for carrying (and keeping warm) two or three “levels” of food with its own handle
  • Food storage containers from tiny to huge
  • AND “icecube” and “heaters” made from stainless steel that you can freeze or heat on the stove with your food and pack with your lunch. They really help the tiffin or insulated containers keep your food the temperature you want it to be!


Design Rating:

Onyx is well designed and attractive addition to any kitchen. Beautiful enough to display in your stylish bachelorette pad, sturdy enough to let your kids bang on, and durable enough to span the 15 years between those two moments in your life !

My favourite design feature is the weight, or lack their of. Previous to my love affair with Onyx I was always hauling around glass mason jars, water bottles, and food storage containers. Glass is heavy, even when it’s empty ! Stainless steel is a fraction of the weight. Another great design feature of stainless steel vs glass is that it doesn’t break. This is why their cup and insulated bowl were my son’s first place setting. I don’t have to worry about broken glass… just spilt milk.



Social Rating:

Onyx is a Vancouver BC Based company committed to creating great products for families that are also safe for the earth. In doing this they are also making local jobs in our community.

Carbon Rating:

Since stainless steel is lighter than other green food storage solutions like glass it uses less fossil fuels to ship around the world. Onyx also uses little to no packaging on their products (because of their durability).

Waste Rating:

The beautiful thing about Onyx is their is no waste. They sell their line sans packaging at a variety of stores, and once you begin using the containers in place of throw away's or breakable glass and plastic your household waste will further plummet. I am now in the habit of keeping a few empty onyx containers in my purse incase something comes up. Left over lunch from the cafe, trail mix from the bulk aisle, and even wet socks at the water park have found a home in an Onyx.

Value Rating:

Onyx products are the most affordable and accessible line of stainless steel kitchen accessories on the market today. If you are used to getting dollar store ice cube molds the $29.95 price tag on their tray might make your knees weak! Just remember that unlike plastic these pieces are healthy and they are going to last. Think of them as investments. If you’re anything like me once you’ve tried them you can’t turn back. I’m obsessively collecting their whole range as we speak.

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