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For many of us the excitement of back-to-school has already worn off. Our new shoes are scuffed, the pencils have been dulled-then-sharpened, and our morning routines have shifted once again into a hazy auto-pilot. For busy parents this means reaching for simplified lunch box staples. In our mother’s day this meant packing up the perennial favourite, the almighty pb&j. But for most of us this former staple is off limits in the school yard. Many modern mama’s know that peanut butter has become taboo due to the rise in severe allergies and isolated instances of serious bullying around the subject. Enter WOWBUTTER, Canada’s soy-based peanut-free spread that tastes remarkably similar to the real deal. We tested it out with great result.


What's To Love?:

– Manufactured in Canada with locally grown soy

– Certified nut free and Halal

– Available in crunchy and smooth

– Kid approved 🙂



What’s Not to Love:

– Not certified Organic

– Contains soy, which can be an allergen as well


Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

WOWBUTTER uses only non-gmo soy when manufacturing its spreads. This is good news since soy happens to be one of the most genetically engineered crops on earth. It is important to understand the difference between Non-GMO verified and Organic, they are NOT the same thing. Organic Certification is more rigously upheld and also means that the product is Non-GMO. Non-GMO certifying bodies are newer and less established. They also do not cover the way that crops are grown and handled, pesticides may still be used.

There is mixed advice pertaining to the safety of soy products for children and adults, especially when eaten in large volumes. It would be healthiest to think about your families soy consumption on the whole and decide if a soy based spread is right for you.

For those of us with children with severe nut allergies WOWBUTTER is an amazing addition to the pantry. It is certified tree-nut free and is manufactured in a facility dedicated to producing safe and healthy products for severely allergic individuals.

Design Rating:

WOWBUTTER riffs on the ultimate peanut butter question by producing two spreads; chunky and smooth. I myself always gravitate to a chunky butter and enjoyed the texture of WOWBUTTER’s offering. There is defiantly a slight flavour variation between WOWBUTTER and peanut butter, but there is also a difference between almond, cashew, pumpkin seed and coconut butters. WOWOBUTTER stands up next to my other nut butters and is great spread on toast or baked into cookies.

Social Rating:

WOWBUTTER is a family run company through and through. The company was founded with a two-fold mission to help create demand and jobs for local farmers and enrich the lives and experiences of children with severe nut allergies. This community spirit shines in their business.

Carbon Rating:

WOWBUTTER grows the soy and manufactures their spreads entirely in Southern Ontario. But striving to keep this 'farm to table' loop so geographically close they reduce the amount of fossil fuels they need to burn. Hopefully as WOWBUTTER grows they can work towards becoming certified Carbon Neutral or implementing some Carbon Offset credits.

Waste Rating:

WOWBUTTER is packaged in plastic containers to keep their spread shelf life long. As far as we can tell WOWBUTTER is not doing anything special with regards to their labels or containers and the environment. When you have consumed the product you can recycle the plastic container at the appropriate facilities.

Value Rating:

A 500g jar of WOWBUTTER usually retails for around $4.00 CND. This is comparable to other non-organic nut butters and spreads.