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Earthday 2011: The Top Eleven Green Faux Pas, #1. Worst faux pas…

What is the biggest green faux pas of 2011? Being righteous and forgetting to have fun. It is much more inspiring to be green, for yourself and others, if you do it while having fun!

If you are just getting started, remember to take-on the things that appeal to you, anger you, or make you sing! If you LOVE whistle blowing then become a label reader, you can roll your eyes in the isles of Whole Foods or if you love eating then become a green foodie and you can serve up your green passion to your loved ones.

If you are already doing it all, then treat yourself to some Fair-Trade chocolate, a good book, and a glass of wine. When you meet someone who is committing every green faux pas, don’t get depressed: send them to the Green Mama.

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