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Toxins and your child’s brain: do little things matter?

Watch this amazing video to feel as smart as the best scientist in less than 5 minutes. Do little things matter when it comes to your child’s brain? When I say little–I mean so tiny we couldn’t see with a human eye, on drop in a swimming pool type exposures? The unfortunate answer is YES for many of the toxins that our children are exposed to such as lead, chemical flame retardants, and some plasticizers.

This engaging video clearly explains science being conducted as we speak by leading Canadian and American scientists, such as the amazing Bruce Lanphear who is also behind the Canadian Environmental Health Atlas.  For one of the first times, Bruce and his team have begun to show the dramatic effects that tiny exposures can have in IQ. (I’ve been lucky enough to get to help a small amount on this video over the last year.)

For ideas on how to give your child the best chance of the healthiest brain, may I be so bold to recommend the Green Mama book. Which is entirely practical, easy to read (yet full of citations on all these great studies), and will show you the power of a new parents brain to help them “worry smart.” Or, just read this blog!

The real answer is that we need to change politics and the way we make decisions right now in North America. Should parents be the only ones left to help prevent a child’s exposure to toxins that are so virulent they can reduce a child’s IQ in the tiniest amounts? Of course not. We need laws and policies in Canada and the U.S. that help protect us all from the worst chemicals. Environmental health is a human rights issue–we are all exposed and the poor and most vulnerable–include all children–are the most negatively effected.

The David Suzuki Foundation has been helping increase awareness in Canada through the Blue Dot tour asking the government to recognize a person’s right to a clean environment: fresh air, clean water.. and I’d add babies not being born with over 130 toxins already in their bodies. Join us!

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