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The Green Mama’s Guatemalan Adventures: Adios.

Traveling (home from) Guatemala with children: Our goodbyes. Adios is used for comings and goings in Guatemala and means, literally, to God. If a picture says a thousand words, then this photo essay just about encapsulates everything I wish I could say…. (in Spanish).  Leaving. Coming. Adios. 


Goodbye Guatemala. Goodbye volcanoes. Goodbye wide open, blue sky. Goodbye smells of burning trash mixed with wild orchids and the sweet fragrance of afternoon rain on sundrenched paths.  friends. Goodbye school. Goodbye house. Goodbye swings.   Goodbye Sebastianna with your world-class weavings. Goodbye Maria with your fresh tortillas.

Goodbye all that delightful eyecandy: people in brightly coloured, traditional clothes.

Goodbye markets full of colour and smells.

Goodbye delicious street foods.

Goodbye weird items resold from North America.

Goodbyes mamas carrying babies and breastfeeding unembarrassedly anywhere.

Goodbye men dressed like this…

Goodbye “collectivos.” Goodbye riding in back of pick-ups. Goodbye driving without carseats or seatbelts. Goodbye Tuk Tuks.

And goodbye lanchas–goodbye boats that are too small and too full. Goodbye boats without life vests. Goodbye commuting by lancha with your crazy waves and beautiful views.

Goodbye all forms of Guatemalan transportation….

Goodbye chicken busses.

And goodbye chickens.


Goodbye Lake Atitlan.

Adios Guatemala. Adios Guatemala lives.

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