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  • The Real Meaning of Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, & More!

    If there is anything universal about faith these days, it’s that everybody seems unsure what to do about Christmas.   Even many Christian families struggle with this question, watching the entire holiday being pulled towards excessive consumerism with its associated spending and waste. In my family, my husband and I represent four very different religious…
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  • How to Protect Your Family from Toxins in Beauty Care Products

    How to protect yourself and your family from toxins in beauty care products It was a gift. The perfect little blue and white bottle of “Gentle! For Bebe!” baby shampoo in its foam pump bottle. I used it on my baby for two years before I thought to check if it was safe. It was…
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  • DIY Sunscreen: Making your own healthier sunscreen

    DIY Sunscreen Recipe ½ cup olive oil ¼ cup coconut oil ¼ cup beeswax 2 tablespoons shea butter 2 tablespoons zinc oxide (high quality) Optional: a few drops of non-citrus, baby friendly essential oil Directions: In a double boiler (or a jar in a pan of water over low heat) melt the oils, beeswax, and…
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  • The real effect of eating organic & how to do it

    What’s the truth about organics? Simplified. Here’s what people say: “It’s too expensive.” “Well, I eat some things organic.” “My doctor says organic isn’t proven to make a difference.” “I just want my kids to eat!” How can I eat organic on a budget? I’m not going to lie. Eating organic on a budget is…
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  • DIY baby wipes & bum spray recipe

    DIY baby wipes & bum spray recipe from The Green Mama Make a little spray bottle for on the go, take your cloth wipes and pre- soak them, or make disposable baby wipes by adding the baby wipe mix to an unbleached, paper towel roll cut in half or a to flushable cloth- diaper liners….
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  • Green Juice Recipe 101

    Green Juice Recipes What we don’t need when juicing is a bunch more sugar, what we do want is readily accessible vitamins and minerals. That means the juice should be at least 60% dark leafy/ 40% other vegetables and fruit. 60% leafy jean can mean kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, cilantro. 40% can include apples, pear,…
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  • Mama to Mama: Clutter Free With Kids

    As January draws to a close, many of us have let our resolutions fall by the wayside. But if there is one goal that it pays to keep up on throughout  the year, it’s banning the clutter that goes along with family life. From birthday party goodie bags to “can-we-please-get-this” moments-of-weakness at the thrift store,…
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  • 8 Steps to Getting Organized: Secrets to beating family clutter

    Secrets from a professional organizer Clutter and depression are linked says a new book Life at Home in the 21st Century. “Our data suggest that each new child in a household leads to a 30-percent increase in a family’s inventory of possessions during the preschool years alone,”  say the authors. They authors primarily looked at…
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  • How to find healthier paints

    Why does finding healthy paint matter? Paint and finish don’t just add colour to a room or a new baby crib, they can also release smelly, irritating, and toxic substances into the air. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that paints and finishes are one of the top culprits in polluting our indoor air and…
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  • The Mommy Wars: How moms are blamed for what goes wrong & what we can do about it

    When I was a young child, I was poor. I mean, poor-poor. Welfare-poor. Thus, when the study “More Work for Mother: Chemical Body Burdens as a Maternal Responsibility” crossed my desk this week, I knew it was the most important study I had seen all year. Not because it told me anything new, but because…
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  • How to organize your child’s STUFF/TOYS/PLAYROOM and get them to play more and clean-up better in the process

    Secrets from a professional organizer I’ve been lucky enough over the years to have gotten a chance to work with a couple of professional organizers: you know, the ones that come into your home and gasp at  how much stuff you have for supposedly being green.  No, that’s a bit of a joke. I’m always…
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  • How to Write a Book, Blog, or Article. #MyWritingProcess

    How does a person write a book?   There are as many answers to that as books, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to learn from looking at the writing process. Indeed, there is much to learn and share and thus I was thrilled to take part in the #MyWritingProcess blog tour. It’s…
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  • No more travel faux pas: How to travel well with a family

    Traveling abroad with a family: keeping safe, having fun, and doing it “green”. I have found that traveling and living in the developing world has been one of the greatest gifts of parenting for my family. While it was for the “greater good of my children,” that I first decided to pack my little girls up and spend the winter in Guatemala, I quickly realized the most immediate benefits were my own happiness.

  • How to Really Green A Kid’s Birthday Party

    Doing less may actually do more for children’s celebrations

    My own child was still a baby when I got invited to the birthday of the little neighbour girl turning six. Until that day, I hadn’t thought much about this new generation of birthday parties. Like most parents, I didn’t go to kids’ birthday parties until I had kids. When I was little birthday parties were simple affairs: my brother, sister, and myself eating a cake that my mom made, with one present to open afterwards.

  • Green Cleaning in Schools: The Green Mama Guide to healthy, safe, clean schools


    You are a teacher or school administrator and you want to go green but aren’t sure where to start? The answer is probably right in front of your eyes: the soap next to the sink, the bottle of bleach for spraying down the tables, the window cleaner in the cabinet.

  • Cheat Sheet for safer, healthier cleaning in childcare facilities


    You are a childcare provider and you want to go green but aren’t sure where to start? The answer is probably right in front of your eyes: the soap next to the sink, the bottle of bleach for spraying down the tables, the window cleaner in the cabinet.