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The real effect of eating organic & how to do it

What’s the truth about organics? Simplified.

Here’s what people say:

“It’s too expensive.”

“Well, I eat some things organic.”

“My doctor says organic isn’t proven to make a difference.”

“I just want my kids to eat!”

How can I eat organic on a budget?

I’m not going to lie. Eating organic on a budget is hard. Especially for those who also work outside the home. It makes me mad that despite the research, parents are left to shoulder the burden of the economics as well as live in a time where economically most of us have two parents working outside the home. There are ways, however, to prioritize and make it a bit easier. Here’s the post Making Cents of Organics.

And remember, to focus your food dollars and searching to find healthier or organic alternatives for the most contaminated foods. Here’s the Green Mama’s dirty dozen.

dirty dozen list

How effective is eating organic food?

So, does exposure to pesticides at low levels really matter?


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