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  • Belly, Body, Breast, and Baby Balm

    This recipe has changed and morphed over the years – but it is basically the simplest and best skin hydration I’ve found. Not only do I make it to use at home, I make extra when I blend a batch to share with new mamas in my community. No photos will be shared of this…
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  • Secret Life of Babies

    It’s been almost a full year since beginning Mia Kalef’s Secret Life of Babies Online Birth Recovery Program, and over two years since my daughter was born. Working the program was incredibly healing for me and supported the kind of bonding (secure attachment) I hope to continue to grow with my daughter. Without going into…
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  • Posh Spice Beckham vs Erykah Badu in a birth off: the problems with multiple c-sections

    The Real Risk of Being Posh Spice: The Troubles with Having Baby #4 by Cesarean Section

    Today, Victoria “Posh” Spice delivered her fourth baby—first girl—by elective cesarean section. Not very note worthy, except for the fact that Posh is often referenced as the icon for the elective c-section movement (along with Brittany Spears). On the other “side” are the famous natural birth (and often home birth) icons such as Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Connelly, Erykah Badu, and Ricki Lake

  • Birth of a nation or just birth?

    Did you know this weekend is when both the U.S. and Canada celebrate some version of a national birthday party? All this talk about birth of nations and lots of tidbits on birth in general has got me thinking about, well, birth. So, in one of the strangest Canada Day/Independence Day blogs ever, this is a look at the state of birth in North America.

  • Birth Part 3: The Green Mama Guide to Getting the Birth You Want

    Women’s birth experiences matter. This is because women who get informed and take informed action have better birth experiences and better birth outcomes.

  • Birth Part 2: Why do so many American women die in childbirth?

    My first baby was born in Chicago. At  home. When I would mention home birth in that city it was akin to saying: “I like to fly stunt planes–wanna set yourself on fire and take a ride with me?” Mothers were aghast.  I must be nuts, or at least horribly anti-establishment. 

  • Birth Part 1: Does natural birth matter?

     “All that counts is that the baby is healthy” is what many women are told and believe.  The research says something different: a woman’s experience matters. A healthy woman experiencing vaginal birth is more likely to come out with a healthy baby and healthy self.