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Matraea Mercantile

Matraea is a brick and mortar shop in the Cowichan Valley BC that is run by two midwives. They created the store and a line of effective natural and organic products as a response to the lack of quality supplies for home birth in their area. Their business has been steadily growing since it’s inception and has become somewhat of an oasis for moms and moms-to-be on Vancouver Island. Stocking the best of the best from birth balls to natural rubber teething toys to herbal postpartum salves, it’s easy to see why The Green Mama is long time Matraea fan and collaborator.

We had the pleasure of reviewing Matraea’s in-house line of Organic Herbal Teas and Natural body care products. I love everything but my most used (even well after pregnancy and birth) are the Iron Mama tea and the Belly Butter.

What's To Love?:

  • Mama-run small business
  • Ships to USA/Canada with low fees
  • Well curated selection of products
  • Natural, organic, effective and high quality in-house line
  • Affordable

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Matraea sources only the highest quality certified organic ingredients for its in house line of body care products and herbal teas. As midwives providing natural care to clients they women behind Matraea know first hand the importance of truly pure products for the health of mother and baby.

Design Rating:

Health, sustainability, AND beauty are priorities for Matraea products. You can see this resounding throughout the line. The glass and metal containers that house the tea and beauty line are both beautiful and sustainable.

Social Rating:

Matraea is all about empowering mamas to embrace the fierce dignity that is inherent in the journey that is motherhood. In addition to reclaiming the power and community needed to support mothers at home, they are instrumental supporters of global efforts like the Syrian crisis and advocacy for women’s rights.

Carbon Rating:

Matraea sources organic and natural ingredients that are created through farming practices that are less environmentally impactful than the newer monoculture farming that has been adopted by most large agribusiness in North America over the last 100 years. This coupled with their curation of local and fair trade products from around the globe means that their web store has consciously reduced its carbon footprint.

Waste Rating:

Matraea uses beautiful and reusable glass and metal packaging. Once you have finished your tea or slave you can repurpose the packaging (the large tea canisters are PERFECT for pencil crayon storage :) . . .) or recycle them at the curb with the rest of your household recycling.

Value Rating:

With products in the Matraea line starting at $9.95 the brand focuses also on creating an accessible price point to help mothers achieve health for themselves and their families without breaking the bank. I also love how Matraea bundles products into kits to make shopping easy and more affordable. Check out their amazing home birth kits and their Green Mama Gift Boxes with all of our favourite Matraea offerings in one place.

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