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Summer Camp for the Whole Family

It’s summer.  Even now that I am all grown-up, I long for the days of summer camp.  Something I can share with my whole family: get me into a canoe, sitting around a campfire, and where someone else cooked (preferably no “bug juice” though).  I grew up poor, yet I still got to go to summer camp growing up.  I went to a YMCA summer camp, another focused around “creative expression.”  I went to Girl Scout camp and horse-riding camp.  I grew up in the city and spending a week in the woods was like magic.

Summer camp magic for the whole family does exist

Leadfeather is a non-profit that runs nature journeys for adults and families.  The organization includes a collaboration with a variety of Native American tribes, providing insight to native spiritual traditions and cultural knowledge. Every trip is run by experienced nature guides and wilderness educators, putting your comfort and safety into the hands of professionals. 

This year, the Family Journey is from August 1 – 7th in the Hiawatha National Forest in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (which spans from northern Lake Michigan to southern Lake Superior) at a campsite on the edge of Swan Lake.  Together, you and your child with trek, canoe, swim, fish, and horseback ride.   You will learn to build a fire without matches, create a shelter by hand, and to identify edible plants.  Best yet, you don’t have to worry about cooking, having your own camping equipment or canoe, or knowing the answer to “How much further now?!”

I can hear the crickets calling me now!

(Lead Feather also proudly stands behind ‘growing families greener,’ so they are extending a 25% discount to readers of  Please just give Paulie Cohen a call at 802.497.1494, and mention that you read about the trip on this blog. )

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