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Smell Like Teen Spirit: How do we raise healthy, empowered teens in today’s world?

I wanted to call it “Smells Like Teen Spirit” because what better name for a podcast about Raising Teenagers and trying to raise them to be healthy, independent-thinkers, who will grow up to be involved citizens of the world. I think I like Kurt Cobain and his whine about being “stupid and contagious” now more than I ever did when I was actually a teenager listening to him. Because the only thing that feels more stupid and contagious than being a teenager, is being the parent of one. But I’m being negative. And maybe a bit obtuse.

So it’s called Raising Greener Teens. It does what I”ve always tried to do through this website, the classes I used to teach, the two Green Mama books, and that’s to face head-on the challenge of becoming the expert on caring for my own family. Whatever that means at the time. How can we as parents take the skills of curiosity, research, self-empowerment and help our teenagers become adults that will do the same? In this podcast I interview doctors, naturopaths, sex educators, brain researchers, drug counsellors, parents who seem to be doing it better, and all sorts of interesting people to provide inspiration to parents of teens, pre-teens, and—hopefully teens themselves—as they walk this path.

Check out the first few episodes. See what you think. Send me questions, or, send my teen questions. We will try and find someone who might give you some new insight into how to do this thing we all want to do: raise some great people to inhabit this world we love.

Here are the first few episodes:

1. What is a Teen with Dr. Erin Tewinkel

Wish you understood then brain of a teen and what’s going on in those heads?

2. Teens and the Social Dilemma with Hayley Newell

Social Media is changing the teenage brain and capturing their attention and social interaction. What can a parent do?

3. Holistic and Effective Acne Care with Caralyn Hale

Teenage skin often means acne prone skin, there is help (and not just for teenagers).

4. Inside the Red Tent with Janine Mila
Is it possible for today’s teen to embrace and even tap into the potential of the menstruating body?

Listen now.

It’s not just me. I join with other writers, doctors, health professionals, and just interesting folks to do the same as part of the EcoParent Magazines newest effort to move into podcasting. You’ll find podcasts about birth, raising younger kids, feeding families, greening your home and your beauty routine. Listen in to any of these podcasts on the EcoParent Podcasting Network


Don’t forget to reach out. Let me know what you think, send your ideas for guests or topics, or even specific questions.

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