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A nondenominational protection prayer for families

A beautiful blessing for all religions, particularly nice at bedtime…

The Protective Robe of Light Prayer

I surround myself (or insert name of person here) with the protective robe of light

with the love, wisdom, and strength of God

not only for my own protection, but for all who see it

or come into contact with it, that they too

will be drawn to God and healed.

For the greater good of all, especially myself (or insert name),

may all being be happy, healthy, and free.

This is the prayer that I say with my family every day. I grew up saying it and made a few changes to fit the needs of my family and I find it fits nicely into the rhythm of our day in our mixed religion, nature-loving, spirit-loving household. My children love this prayer as much as I do. I hope it affords you as many blessings as it has us. Feel free to adapt and share to fit your needs.

The photo is called In the Heart of the Canyons and is by the talented landscape photographer Adoria_the_explorer. You can see more of her photography or purchase a little inspiration for your home by visiting her on Instagram.


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