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Mama To Mama: Family Music Inspiration

Check out our favourite albums, artists, or songs that appeal to the whole family. From swear-word free classic rock hits, to “Kids music” that is actually awesome, read on to find out the tunes that are setting the tone in these Green Mama homes.


“Since my partner and I play in a band together and tour with our 2.5 year old son for months out of every year, music is omnipresent in our lives. When it comes to recorded music, Henry actually has pretty discerning taste for someone who isn’t yet three. He currently loves Talking Heads, Grimes, Buvette, LAKE, and of course ‘mama-dada-song’, which is any music we make 🙂 We release our music on vinyl so he is getting pretty good at not ruining our record collection and knows the cover art of all his favs. I love Kimya Dawson’s Alphabutt for a “kids” record that adults can listen to as well.”

-Laura, mama to 2 year old Henry


Parachute Express – They wrote a lot of the music that you hear in Gymboree Classes. They even toured in the 90’s. Their music is catchy, fun, and my husband and I enjoy it as well!”

-Amy, mama of 2


“A fun thing about my girls getting older is that they are now the ones discovering new music for the whole family. We stopped buying albums years ago, but love our music streaming subscription from Spotify! Right now, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor, The Chainsmokers, Fifth Harmony and Tove Lo are in heavy rotation, and enjoyed by the whole family. The girls even create their own playlists with their favorite music! The only drawback with a streaming service is that songs are not made “kid-friendly” like they are on the radio, so one has to watch out for explicit lyrics.”

-Linda,  Mama of girls aged 5 & 8


“Pandora’s Elizabeth Mitchell kids folk song station.”

-Cecelia, mama of 2


“Every year my family makes our own “mix tape” style album. These continue to be our favourite albums year after year. When I am together—which means  when I am not writing a Green Mama book—I then send these albums to my friends and family so they can experience our year in music. A few favourites bands and singers that provide us inspiration include: They Might Be Giants (which happens to also be the first concert I ever went to as a teenager), Jack Johnson, Mary Thienes Schunemann (think all those Waldorf-y and childhood songs that you wish you could remember), and my more adult favourites such as Josh Ritter, David Gray, Natalie Merchant and, of course, Ok Vancouver Ok.”

-Manda, mama of 2 girls, 6 & 10




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