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Mama to Mama: Date Night In

You can’t always get a babysitter and hit the town with your beloved. Sometimes you need to reconnect and it’s Tuesday or you live on a remote island with no restaurants.. read on for a few simple and sweet date-night-in ideas.




Game night with a glass of wine and my husband—sometimes our neighours— is just about my favourite date night even with an unlimited budget. My husband and I are both very competitive and we love games. Our favourite game currently is Ticket to Ride. I like the European addition. I think because I win a lot when I play it. The other thing we do is make our own wine. This sounds more hardcore than it is because we just go to a You Brew place. Actually, usually it is our little girls that make the wine. And no they don’t get to stomp it with their feet. Pretty much they just put in the yeast and then come back in a couple months and bottle it. Anyway, all said, this makes for a fun date for less than $3.00.

-Manda, mama of 2


My partner and I are both work-at-home/ stay-at-home parents to our toddler. Everyday is basically a date night in for us! I find that in the evenings we are often fairly tired, especially with the early sunsets of winter. So we have started having afternoon nap dates. It can be as simple as sitting down and hanging out over a bowl of soup and talking without distraction while our little sleeps or tackling a home project, just the two of us. I also really find it romantic and efficient when we batch make meals for the freezer, or make almond milk, or bake bread. Productivity is sexy 🙂

-Laura Mama of a two-year-old


Simply having a glass of wine and some chocolate with my husband. It is so wonderful being able to have an uninterrupted conversation!! We also like having dinner dates with close friends who have kids the same age. It is nice to be able to hang out with friends (without having to find a babysitter). The kids have a blast playing with each other, and the adults get to catch up!

-Amy, mama of 2



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