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How to keep kids busy without resorting to screens PART TWO


“You know how little kids always love to play with the cardboard boxes at Christmas? Well, it works in the summer and with older children too! The bigger the boxes the better – check with your local appliance store if they have any empty fridge or freezer boxes that they don’t mind parting with. Then bring out crayons or paint and let them go at it. We did this last summer and my girls played with the boxes for several days.”

– Linda, mom of two, 5 & 8 years old (Linda’s new book There Is No Such Thing As Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothes, is to be published by Simon and Schuster in the summer of 2017.)


“Instead of screen time, put your screens away, get down on the floor and be present with your children. You would be surprised at how few toys are necessary. Let your kids imagination take you on an adventure. They will cherish the quality time as much as you will!”

-Amy, mama of two, 1 1/2 & 4 years old


“The fact that our son is only 2 years old and we don’t own any smart phones or tablets has made our screen-time war a very easy one thus far. He is only vaguely aware of their existence and capabilities. We’re still getting away with good old fashioned books as entertainment! When we really need to distract we love Herve Tullet’s books like Press Here. I also feel like when I choose to keep myself occupied with screenless pleasure activities such as quilting, knitting, reading, playing games with my husband, or cooking I am rubbing off on Henry and inspiring him to get excited about old-fashioned fun.”

-Laura, mom of 2 year old Henry


A three part series on keeping our kids busy without using television, netflix, iPads, and games on our phones.  Stories, inspiration, and tricks from real mamas. How do you keep your kids happy and entertained without technology?


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