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Home Ec: Vegan, creamsicle pops: Healthy, delicious, and easy popsicle recipe

This is a delicious, healthier, and vegan alternative to the creamsicle icepops of your youth. And so easy. All you need is a popsicle maker (and I recommend a stainless steel one, such as the one we have.) Of course, I also recommend getting organic ingredients.


Orange juice

A large handful of raw cashews (Ideally, soak in water with a splash of lemon for at least 15 minutes)

A generous dash of vanilla powder (or pure vanilla extract if you don’t have vanilla powder)

A smaller dash of orange cooking extract (If you don’t have pure extracts, don’t use any artificial flavors or colours. It’s not the same and they are full of toxins. These are still great without them.)

I know this isn’t the usual recipe that you see, because I didn’t include amounts (I did put in order from most quantity to least though)  That’s because 1. It doesn’t really matter and 2. Even though I’ve made this recipe dozens of times, I’ve never measured anything.  Just give it a try and you will be fine. Remember, the orange juice is the base, the cashews add creaminess, and the flavourings give it complexity.


Blend. Pour into popsicle maker. Enjoy.





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