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A bedtime blessing for children

A beautiful verse for children: nondenominational, pagan, or Christian bedtime prayer …


A Child’s Bedtime Blessing

Mother Goddess, tuck me in

Father God, watch over me

Please protect my kith and kin

And all I love, so may it be.

Rock me to sleep, O Lord and Lady

And fill my dreams with love that’s true

Keep away all that’s bane and scary

So Mama and Papa can get some sleep too.

Night night Air and night night Fire

I’ll see you both tomorrow.

Night night Water and night night Earth

Your energies both I’ll borrow.

Night night Sun, you’ve warmed my day

And now you will rest till morning.

Night night Moon, you’ll light my way

As I slip into the land of dreaming.

I found this blessing on Angie Lisle’s website where she blogs about paganism, art, and books. The publisher didn’t know from where it came. I really like it and think it fits nicely into a Waldorf or nature-oriented home and works well for any family trying to bring more spirit into the rhythm of their day. The photo is taken in Norway by the talented landscape photographer Adoria_the_explorer. You can see more of her photography or purchase a little inspiration for your home by visiting her on Instagram.


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