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Not buying recycled

Common items that we use everyday, such as toilet paper, disposable diapers, notepaper, plastic containers, cellphones, ink printers, bottles, and so much more COULD be made with recycled paper, plastic, metal, glass, or even concrete. If you aren’t buying the recycled items when and where they are available you are not only contributing to, for instance, new trees being used but you are also making it harder to develop markets for recycled products. Some big companies really need reminding, for instance Kleenex and Huggies both came under fire recently for using OLD GROWTH FORESTS in their products. You can buy toilet paper or diapers that use recycle content (no, silly they aren’t made from recycled diapers or recycled toilet paper, they are made from recycled paper).

It is best to find products with the maximim amount of Post Consumer recycled content (for paper products). As well, make sure you are avoiding toilet paper, diapers, and other paper products whitened with chlorine bleach. The process creates one of the worst human toxins: dioxin.

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