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Using toxic chemicals in your home

Our indoor air quality is consistently more polluted than our outdoor air. One of the main culprits are the cleaning supplies we use.  We don’t want to drink chemicals, but we have no problem pouring them down the drain to be filtered out of our drinking water (we hope). We don’t want them in our food, but we clean our countertops with them. We don’t want our children exposed to poisons, but they play on floors cleaned with chemicals often known to be toxic, allow them to mouth toys disinfected with bleach, and  play on grass treated with pesticides. We are scared of bees and ants and other bugs, but often forget that pesticide use around the home is associated with a 6-fold chance of childhood leukemia. Just having toxic cleaning products around the house is responsible for thousands of cases of poisoning every year in North America. Who is tracking the slower poisoning from everyday exposures?

Learn more about green cleaning in your home  and in your school or daycare.

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