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Claire Douglass is an ad girl, writer, and Cuban mother of two boys. After writing her own green parenting blog for several years, Claire returned to advertising where she learned that biting her tongue was the only way that she could afford private school. Being Cuban, Claire has learned that trying to explain to abuela why your children aren’t doused in “Violetas”, is futile and bordering on the sacrilegious. Claire further learned that making your own cleaning products is deemed so “loca”, that it becomes family “chisme”. (It took 3 minutes for that story to reach Boston from Miami.) When not confusing her family with her verdant ways, Claire is cooking healthier versions of her beloved Cuban food, reading about design, the arts, and film, and using her homemade cleaning products to clean up after her two messy boys. Claire is also a supporter of clean water in Haiti, and writes for the fashion brand Simbi Haiti, that has purified more than 20 million gallons of water for Haitian children via it’s charity: Aqua Haiti. Please don’t tell Claire’s family that she is writing for a green blog. Gracias.